Applications for the PC are numerous but could be custom equipment control, monitoring system, calibration etc. The worldwide familiarity, standardization, and availability of Internet, along with its current and potential performance levels, has prompted increased consideration of Internet as a viable technology for distributing data acquisition tasks, control systems, monitoring etc.

Internet is now available as a direct communications link on a growing number of data acquisition instruments and industrial I/O devices (e.g. Omega iSeries devices ).

Today, data acquisition and I/O products are usually used in conunction with a desktop, industrial or notebook PC. Plug-in boards with high-speed data acquisition capabilities are widely available for PCI and ISA.

In the Project is implement Internet enabled PCs interfaced DC Motor with Visual Basic GUI (see Code Description). Visual Basic is used in this Project but could be use Visual C, C or some other software.

DC Motors (direct-current) are one of the most widely used prime movers in industry today. A major reason for the use of DC Motors in electromechanical control systems is the ease with which speed can be controlled. The polarity of the applied voltage determines the direction of rotation.

Very important advantage of Internet is its worldwide connectivity and built-in compability with any PC platform.

The web gives the ability to view and control the process on a computer, monitoring real-time information via the Internet. No special acquisition software needs to be installed on the computer, only a web browser and a TCP/IP client/server program see ( Fig. 3 ). Distance between Client and Server is not important, one could set up peripheral and server anywhere in the world and user(s) could do control, monitoring, communications, data acquisition etc.

The web-enabled unit could be with features like e-mail notification, alarms, and security password. Two or more clients could work together at time on the same application, communicate, control and monitoring real-time information from Internet enabled PCs anywhere in the world.

Internet’s potential as a network for measurement, monitoring and control is virtually unlimited.

Control over Internet is so big improvement of existing control systems.

The Web-enabled features will be soon “standard” request for so many applications.