Why I love Philadelphia

Convenient Transportation.

A Septa bus that covers route 133.

Philadelphia's public transportation makes it extremely convenient to reach any of your destinations. You have two main streets which effectively divides the city of Philadelphia into quads. Both of these major roads are accompanied by their own subway trains that will take you almost anywhere on that path. The countless bus routes effectively covers the rest of the city.

One of the many reasons I love Philadelphia is the ease of getting around. Center City, the heart of Philadelphia is littered with shops, restaurants, and entertainment. Hanging out in the vicinity will not be a problem because of how easy it is to walk in the area. The streets are effectively mapped like a grid, and with City Hall at the center point and knowing your numbered streets, getting lost is almost impossible even for newcomers.

Great foods to eat.

Ever heard of the cheesesteak? Or should I say, Philly Cheesesteak? Yes it is spelled as one word. The cheesesteak is a staple menu item for almost every single grill in Philadelphia. It sounds so simple, a thin slice of steak thrown on a grill, chopped up and thrown on a long roll. Finish it up by throwing a piece of cheese on it and let the heat from the steak melt it and dig in. And yet this was one of the most ingenius creation to befall the world of cuisine. It is by no means gourmet, and for as low as $4 or $5 you can enjoy this Philly-born sandwich. Many other cities outside of Philadelphia have tried to mimic it, yet none of them seems to be able to reproduce the perfect sensation on our tongue. Maybe it's just our bread, maybe it's the grill that we use. Why are they so different, we may never know.

All it takes to make your mouth water.

Aside from the cheeseteak, Center City Philadelphia is swarmed over all sort of restaurants and eateries from all over the world. Should I be craving for Italian food, I can simply walk into one of the many pizza stores in the area. If I wanted some gourmet Italian cuisine I could just go to the Olive Garden near City Hall. A few blocks from City Hall lies Philadelphia's Chinatown, which contains almost any Asian cuisine you might crave. Common fast food chains such as McDonald and Burger King are also promminent in the area.

Great places to shop.

The Gallery Shopping Center, conveniently located on Market Street and between 11th and 10th street, is one of the most visited mall in the city. This multi-leveled shopping center contains almost everything you may need, from clothing, to shoes, to books, to electronics, and more. Not only is this a great place to shop, but it is also a great place to hang out. Various eateries are located in the center of the mall, while key areas such as the Convention Center and Chinatown are all adjacent to it.

Even if you wandered too far from this area, it will not hinder your shopping needs. The Gallery may have a good abundance of stores to choose from, but it may not have everything you want. In this case you could visit one of the many hundreds of stores located in Center City. One of the best things about shopping in Center City Philadelphia is that you never need to look too far to find a store you need. Convenience stores such as CVS and Rite Aid are almost in every corner of the area among random miscellaneous stores all over the place.