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This section lists some common Japanese phrases both informally and formally.

Japanese Informal
Japanese Formal
Thank you (very much). (Doumo) Arigatou. (Doumo) Arigatou gozai masu.
I'm sorry. Gomen (nasai). (Doumo) Sumimasen.
Nice to meet you. Hajime mashite. Hajime mashite.
Hello. Kon'nichiwa. Kon'nichiwa.
Good bye. Jaane/Matane. Sayounara.

Pronouciation Help:

  • How to pronounce the Japanese "r": it is similar to Spanish "r" or the soft "d" or "t" sound in English, such as "ladder" or "city."

  • The "ou" sound in "arigatou" and "sayounara" is different from short "o". Pronouce the "ou" like the English word "boat."

  • the apostrophe in "Kon'nichiwa": Pronouce "n" twice in a row, not konichiwa but it sould be "kon nichiwa." You should not pronouce the two n's together to form one n. You should always prnounce "n", "n", and "i".

  • "aa" sound in "Jaane": It should be pronounced longer than just "a". It sounds like the second "a" in the English word "facade."