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Eating in Shanghai

Importance of Eating

People in China take food as their first important thing. Among the four life factors: dressing, eating, housing and commuting; eating occupies the first place. When people meet each other and send their best regard, the first thing they ask is not "how you doing?", "good morning", etc..., but "have you taken the meal?" Although it doesn't mean to invite someone to have a meal, but one can see how important eating is. Chinese people believe in "Men are Iron, Food is Steel". When the Chinese people offer a sacrifice to Heaven and Ancestor, asking the God and paying tribute to the Buddha, they all prepare three kinds of meat dish to pay their respectfulness, so again one can see the important respect of eating. Once the Catholics take up the rice bowl, they must first mark crosses and murmur Amen to thank the God, but they have no such expression with they put on the clothes.

Food Culture

With the rapid economic developments in China, eating is not only for appeasing people's hungers anymore, but also for life enjoyment. The Chinese food had been abundant and developed with the economy, gradually eight food categories emerged -- Sichuan, Guangdong, Shandong, Hunan, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Anhui and Fujian. Shanghai, being a relatively new city in China, does not really have a cuisine of its own, but successfully refines all the work of Jiangsu and Zhejiang style.

Just like the fast growing economic of Shanghai, the eating culture of Shanghai becomes the hub of domestic and foreign delicious food culture, various cliques and schools all set up may food shops in the city. If one wants to eat the nationwide famous dishes, you don't have to travel through various provinces, you can find them all in Shanghai. So consider people in Shanghai has the nicest gourmet's luck. Not only in the restaurants and family dining tables absorb and converge the elite of delicious food culture of various places, but also can taste the famous dishes of various places in China from many special restaurants, such as Sichuan Restaurant's "hot taste rice crust", LaobanZhai's "Yangzhou lion head shaped meet ball", Zhiweiguan's "West Lake fish with vinegar", Yueyanglou's "Hunan three cups chicken", Minjiang Restaurant's "Fujiang Buddha jumping the wall", Xincheng Restaurant's "Sichuan three in one mashed dish", Yangzhou Restaurant's "Zhenjiang Yao Meat (cold meet cube)", and also Xinya's Cantonese dishes, Yanyunlou's Beijing dishes, Zhuangyuanlou's Ningbo dishes, etc.

Famous Restaurants

Blue Sky Rotational is the largest restaurant of its kind in the Far East, it changes its menu on a monthly basis to alternate special dishes from Japan, Southeast Asia, Europe and the Americas. Located on 161 Changle Road.

Juelin Vegetarian Restaurant is a famous vegetarian restaurant in Shanghai, it serves such special dishes as minced fish braised with wolf-berries, imitation duck meat and ham. Located on 250 East Jinling Road.

Lupolang Restaurant is Shanghai's most famous pastry shop selling dozens of light refreshments in both Shanghai and Lake Taihu pleasureboat styles. These include steamed buns stuff with mushroom and vegetable, stuffed buns with three kinds of sliced meat and vegetable, pyramid-shaped dumpling of glutinous rice and ham wrapped in reed leaves, and flaky cakes stuffed with jujube paste. Located on 131 Yuyuan Road.

Meilongzhen Restaurant is a renowned restaurant characterized by its Sichuan dishes prepared in the Shanghai style. Specialties include braised prawns, egg plants in fermented bean sauce, ginkgo nuts cooked with shrimp meat, and double-cooked pork sandwishes. Located on 22 Lane No. 1081, Nanjing Road.

Shanghai Old Restaurantis a hundred-year-old establishment in the local Shanghai culinary style. Freshwater fish is the strength of this restaurant, whose menu features such delicacies as eight-treasure duck, red-cooked bullhead fish and braised meat preserved in fermented rice en casserole. Located on 242 Fuyou Road.

Wangbaohe Restaurant is established in 1744 as one of the oldest restaurant in Shanghai. Wangbaohe gradually rose to fame for its service of old and mellow rice wine from Shaoxing, Zhejiang Province, such as Huadiao, Taidiao, Old Jianfan and Jinpo. The culinary style of Wangbaohe draws heavily from various schools of Chinse cuisin. Freshwater crabs are a very popular dish in this restaurant. Located on 603 Fuzhou Road.

Yangzhou Restaurant is famous in Shanghai for its Yangzhou style dishes from the well-known Mu's Family Kitchen. Major dishes include pork in jelly, stewed crab ovum with pork patties, Mu's braised meat slices, minced fish with pine nut kernels. Its famous pastry includes lightly fried dumplings stuffed with scallion-flavored porl, and eight-treasure shaomai. Located on 72 West Nanjing Road

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