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lesson six

Ogenki?: meaning "how are you?"
genki: meaning "well"
genki desu: meaning "I'm very well"
okagisama de: meaning "thank you"
domo: meaning "very much"
doo itashimashite: meaning "not at all"
doozo: meaning "please"
kochira kosu: meaning "it was a pleasure"
doozo yaroshiko: meaning "glad to see you"
dewa mata: meaning "see you again"
oyasumi nasai: meaning "good night"

lesson seven

kyoo no tenki wa doo desu ka?: meaning " how's the weather today?"
tenki desu: meaning "it's nice weather"
Kyoo no tenki ga warui: meaning "The weather is bad today"
onamea wa nan desu ka?: meaning "what's your name?"
donata desu ka?: meaning "who are you?"
dare dsu ka? meaning "who is it?"
itsu desu ga? meaning "when is it?"
doko ni arimasu ka? meaning "where is it?"
Nan desu ka? meaning "what is it?"
nani? meaning "what?"
doko? meaning "where?"
doo iu imi desu ka? meaning "what do you mean?"
Ikutsu? meaning "How many?"

lesson eight

Ichi: meaning "one"
ne: meaning "two"
san: meaning "three"
shi: meaning "four"
go: meaning "five"
ruku meaning "six"
shichi or nana meaning "seven"
hachi meaning "eight"
kyuu meaning "nine"
juu meaning "ten"
nijuu meaning "twenty"
kyaku meaning "one hundred"
nihyaku meaning "two hundred"
sen meaning "one thousand"
ichi man meaning "ten thousand"

lesson nine

byoo meaning "second"
fun or pun meaning "minute"
ji meaning "hour"
hi meaning "day"
shuu meaning "week"
tsuki meaning "month"
toshi or nen meaning "year"
kyoo meaning "today"
kinoo meaning "yesterday"
ashita meaning "tommorrow"
ima meaning "now"
asa meaning "morning"
shoogo meaning "noon"
gogo meaning "afternoon"
ban meaning "evening"
yoru meaning "night"

lesson ten

haru meaning "spring"
natsu meaning "summer"
aki meaning "autumn"
fuyu meaning "winter"
Daisuki meaning "I love you"
Kima ga Sukisa meaning "I'm in love with you"
oname wa? meaning "what's your name?"
(John) to mooshimasu meaning "my name is (John)"
gomennasai meaning "excuse me"
sumimasen meaning "pardon"
Abunai meaning "watch out"
soo desu ka? meaning "is that so?"
dooshite meaning "why?"
omoshiroi meaning "interesting"
hito meaning "person"
Irasshaimase meaning "welcome"

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