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lesson one

konnichi wa: meaning "hello"
Ohayo: meaning "morning"
Ohayo Gozaimasu: meaning "good morning"
konnichi wa: meaning "good afternoon"
Konban wa: meaning "Good Evening"
Ogenki Desu ga: meaning "How are you?"
Genki desu: meaning "I'm well"
ja ne: meaning "see ya"
sayanora: meaning "goodbye (in a sense of never seeing that person again)"

lesson two

Watakushi: meaning "I" formal
Watashi: meaning "I" formal, feminine
Watashitach: meaning "we"
watai: meaning "I" street, femine
Oretachi: meaning "we" strong
boku: meaning "I" in a humbling manner (towards a teacher, for example)
boku wa: meaning "I am" in a humbling manner

lesson three:

anatasama: meaning "you" honor type
anata: meaning "you" very close
amatatachi: meaning "you people"
kimi: meaning "you" friendly
antara: meaning "you folks"
temee: meaning "you people" insulting
kisama: meaning "you punks"

lesson four

chichi: meaning "father" general
otoochan: meaning "daddy"
otoosan: meaning "father"
otoosama: meaning "father dearest"
haha: meaning "mother" general
okaachan: meaning "mommy"
okaasan: meaning "mother"
okaasama: meaning "mother dearest"
oniisan: meaning "older brother"
oniichan: meaning "older brother" more closer
oniisama: meaning "older brother" more formal
oneesan: meaning "older sister"
oneechan: meaning "older sister" more closer
oneesama: meaning "older sister" more respect

lesson five

Ano Kata: meaning "That Person" more respect
Ano Hito: meaning "that person" general
Yatsu meaning "that person" insulting
ano yarou meaning "that idiot" insulting
kara meaning "he and also boyfriend"
kanojo meaning "she and also girlfriend"
ojousama meaning "miss, lady, princess"
gaki meaning "little brat"

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