19: Step Stately
longways for only 6
mms page 37
Playford version: from 4th edition to 10th edition.
Music: Playford Re-play'd by various artists
Part 1
Verse 1, Part A
1: Lead up [a double]
2: [Fall back] down again [a double]
Verse 1, Part B
1: Men take 4 slips right from a forward-facing position, each man going behind their partner as the women do 4 slips left, then turn your back on your partner and each line take hands
2: Man 1 and woman 1 start leading their lines up and around, continuing into the chorus:
Chorus 1, Part A
1: Man 1 and woman 1 end up (briefly) across from each other and at the bottom of the set, with their lines curved in a half-moon behind them, sort of facing the presence
2: The lines curl upward once again, heading back downward:
Chorus 1, Part B
1-2: until they start to interweave back at the bottom (hands are dropped), as the lines cross back to their own side of the set and back into their original places.
Part 2
Verse 2, Part A
1: Couple 1 goes forward [a double] while couple 2 goes downward [a small double] and couple 3 stands still
2: Couples 1 and 2 turn and go towards each other [a double]
Verse 2, Part B
1-2: They take hands and go around
And once again, the instructions end very prematurely
Up until the point they end, this dance and the Playford version are quite similar, with the arcing and looping being more freeform than the later version. But once again, what has happened to the rest of the instructions?
There's a section marker at the end of the page, and dance 20 begins on the next page. Did the author get tired? Because there isn't even a hint of what's next here!