29: Murry
a round (square) dance only for 8 [everyone facing their partners]
mms pages 59 to 61
Playford version: none
Part 1
Verse 1, Part A
1: Couples 1 and 3 slide inward [a double] (towards each other), while couples 2 and 4 slide outward [a double]
2: [everyone turn single]
Verse 1, Part B
1: Everyone slide back to their places
2: Everyone turn single
Chorus 1, Part A
1-2: Every man sets [and turns] to his partner (step left, step right [turn single])
3-4: Every man circles his partner
Chorus 1, Part B
1-2: Every man sets (step left, step right) [and turns single] to the woman on his left
3-4: Every man circles that woman
Part 2
Verse 2, Part A
1-2: Couples 1 and 3 do a hey with each other, two counts per change
Verse 2, Part B
1-2: Couples 2 and 4 do a hey with each other, two counts per change
Chorus 2, Parts A & B
1-8: Everyone does a handed hey, switching places with each person they meet by this manner: "they shall turne but halfe round" (which I believe is just how you would usually switch in a handed hey)
However, when you meet your own partner (every fourth change if you start by switching with your corner), you turn them once and a half around.
This continues as long as you wish it to: "and soe after this manner, they shall goe round as often as they please, the tune is played akording 4 or 5 goings round".  Once through the chorus will get you to the opposite side of the square, so a second time through will return you to your place.
Not knowing the structure of the music for this dance makes it very hard to reconstruct.  I'm not absolutely sure whether the verses are correct - the structure of the second verse sort of hints that I've got it right, but I'm only guessing in the first verse about the slip, turn, slip, turn (I think the author is trying to say what I reconstructed, but he didn't do a very good job of it)
The choruses are even harder - it would be more likely that the chorus would be a 16-beat strain repeated twice, rather than an 8-beat strain repeated twice, because it seems somewhat easier to set and turn in 8 counts, then circle in 8 counts.
This would also mean that the second chorus would return you to your starting position in one full BB repeat of the chorus, rather than two whole playings of it, and also make the whole "4 or 5 goings round" mean 4 or 5 repeats of the normal chorus, rather than 8 or 10 repeats ...
Which is why I've reconstructed it that way.