The Lovelace/Church MMS Transcription

This is the entry page to my transcription of the Lovelace/Church manuscript, which also contains links to images of manuscript pages. I used these images, available at, created by Aaron Macks [], known in the SCA as GunDormr.

Transcription pointers and help by Gregory Blount.

To peruse the entire manuscript from page one, either start here, or from the "Intro Page" below.

Intro Page Contains a prolog, some figure explanations, and some signatures
Dances: Page Is it in Playford, does it match, other notes
1: Moll Peatley P3 Playford, 4th edition
2: Noah's Flood P4 no match
3: Tenn Pounde P5 Ten Pound Lass, Playford, 4th edition <- (incomplete) dance does not match
4: The Milking Payle P6 Links to The Merry, Merry Milkmaids via the tune and broadsides, which is Playford 1st-16th editions <- dance does not match
5: The Highway to Westminster P7 no match, but there is existing music for it, so it can be danced today
6: Ladyes Piller P9 Playford 1st-8th editions Lady Spellor
7: The Cherping of the Nightingall P10 Playford, 1st edition <- dance does not match
8: The Wind Mille P11 no match
9: The Gipsys P13 matches well with The Spanish Jepsie, Playford 1st-18th editions
10: The Goddisses P14 Playford 1st edition
11: Lightly Love P16 no match, but the tune to Light o' Love links to this via broadsides, so this can be danced today
12: Trenchmore P18 Playford 2nd edition
13: The Old Man with (...) P21 Playford 1st edition
14: A Mayden Fayre P24 matches to Once I Loved a Maiden Fair, Playford 1st(+) edition
15: Cuckles All a Row P26 Playford 1st edition
16: Grayes Inn Maske P29 Playford 1st edition
17: St Johns P32 matches to Dull Sir John, Playford 1st edition
18: The Boone Companion P36 no match to Playford <- instructions seem to be complete, but can be finished by the elision theory
19: Step Stately P37 Playford 1st edition <- incomplete
20: The Picking of Stickes P38 Playford 1st edition
21: Jack Pudding P40 Playford 1st edition
22: Roses white, and roses red P44 Playford 1st edition
23: Harts Ease P46 Playford 1st edition
24: The F(T)umbling of J(T)one P48 no match
25: Greenwood P51 Playford 1st edition
26: Natly P53 no match
27: A Helth to Betty P55 Playford 1st edition
28: Bobbing Jone P57 Playford 1st edition
29: Murry P59 no match
30: Jogg On P61 Playford 1st edition
31: Good Your Worship P62 no match
32: The Fryer and the Nun P65 Playford 1st edition <- possibly incomplete
  9 dances with no matches in Playford, 23 dances with some match in Playford
  6 dances with no music, 26 dances with music: thus, this adds 2 totally "new" dances to the modern age (Boone Companion also exists in Sloane, and music has existed for some time for it)
First set of Poems Contains the header phrase "Verses on several occurrences; 1649"
Second set of Poems Contains the Lovelace poem that supposedly names the manuscript.

Dance Page

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