30: Jogg on
as many as you please, a long dance (longways)
mms pages 61 and 62
Playford version: from 1st edition to 10th edition.
Music: Popular Tunes in 17th Century England, by the Broadside Band (with not enough repeats)
Intro figure, Part A
1: Lead forward [a double]
2: Fall back [a double]
3-4: Set [and turn single, left]
Intro figure, Part B
1-2: Forward and back again
3-4: Set [and turn single, right]
Figure 1
1: Couple 1 falls back and slips down (at the same time) to end up behind and outside of couple 2
2: Couple 1 *gently* push couple 2 together and up into their old places as they move themselves into couple 2's spot
3-4: Couple 1 take both hands and turn all the way around
And so on:
The figure continues like this in virus-progressive format, until everyone is back in place
Comparison to the Playford version (1st to 10th editions)
This is a shorter version of the Playford dance, with only the intro figure and one progressive figure which is very similar to the third figure of Playford's version (but not exactly the same)