Halfe Hannikin
for a line of as many couples as will
This dance actually does work for as many couples as will.  Of course, more music means more switching.
Reconstructed by Master Trahaearn ap Ieuan (also Lord Henry of Maldon, also me)
Music: Music of KWDS4, by various artists.
Part 1
Verse 1, Part A
1: Up a double.
2: Back a double.
Verse 1, Part B
1&2: That again.  Face your partner.
Chorus 1, Part A
1&2: Side left with your partner.
3&4: Side right with your partner.
Chorus 1, Part B
1&2: Turn your partner all the way around (to the left).
3&4: Turn your partner 3/4 around (to the right).  Men will be half a position up from their old place, women will be half a position down - take hands with your new partner.
Note that at the end of the odd repeats of the dance, the man at the top of the line and the woman at the bottom will be standing out by themselves.  This is proper, and is indicated in the Playford instructions.
When these people come back in, they will be dancing with a same-sex partner, which is again just as Playford wrote it.