Step Stately
for a line of three couples.
Reconstructed by Dafydd Cyhoeddwr, with a bit of visualization help from the Playford Re-play'd dance manual
Music: Son of Doctored Stuff by various artists.
Part 1
Verse 1, Part A
1: Lead up a double.
2: Men take four slips right going behind the women as they take four slips left.  Partners turn their backs to each other and the men's line and women's line take hands.
Verse 1, Part B
1&2: Man 1 leads his line in a path that starts to the left and immediately curls down, ending up below where man three started so that they are all facing the presence and man 1 is  just slightly to the right of the center of the original line.
Woman 1 does the same, leading right, curling down below the bottom of the set and meeting man 1 in a horizontal line.
Chorus 1, Part A
1: In the "all abreast to the presence" formation, lead up a double.
2: Fall back a double.
Chorus 1, Part B
1: Women take four slips right going in front of the men as they take four slips left.  Take big slips, as the lines have to clear each other in these four slips.
2: The men pivot on the third man, walking in an arc to go from horizontal to vertical, putting them back where they started.  The women do the same, pivoting on the third woman in an arc from horizontal to vertical.
Part 2
Verse 2, Part A
1: First couple only forward a double.
2: First couple turn around (switch hands) and forward a double to return to place.
Verse 2, Part B
1: First and second couples take hands around and take four slips left to go half way around (couples end up changing places).
2: Man 1 and woman 2 change places in a double.
Chorus 2, Part A
1&2: Women 1 and 2 (standing in the second couple's place) cross over as they go between men 1 and 2, and woman 1 goes around to stand behind man 2, while woman 2 goes around to stand behind woman 1.
Chorus 2, Part B
1: Men change places by right hands.
2: Men give their left hands to their partners.  Couple 1 turn each other so that they end up proper in couple 2's place, while couple 2 turn each other so that they end up proper in couple 1's place.
Part 3
Verse 3, Part A
1&2: Couple 1 goes up between couple 2, crossing over as they do, circling around their opposite genders in couple 2 and back into the middle position, then crossing in the middle position to the proper sides of the set.
Verse 3, Part B
1: Men take hands, women take hands; lines fall back a double.
2: Drop hands; couple 1 meets a double, while couples 2 and 3 (on the ends) change places with their partners as they go forward a double.
Chorus 3, Part A
Starting from the same position as "Greenwood":
1&2: Couple 1 goes up between couple 2, casts off and goes out and around and ends up in couple 3's place; meanwhile, couple 2 will cast off (making a little room for couple 1), circle in place once and then move into their normal place going outside the set
(but still on opposite sides of the set); meanwhile, couple 3 will cast off, circle in place once and then move up the set on the inside (between the descending couple 2) to end up in couple 1's place (also still reversed).
Chorus 3, Part B
1&2: Couples 3 and 2 take hands and go half-way around to the left (putting everyone back on the proper side of the set, and putting couple 2 in the first position), while couple 1 arms left with each other.