curator's notes:
mid-seventeenth century calf, stitching defective, preserved in a cloth box.
the first section of verse comprises 10 pages, beginning with 'verses on severall occurrenses, 1649'.
and including 'the antiplatinocke' by John Cleveland (crum f476) and william Cartwright's lampoon of
de arte saliendi (1641) by william stokes (crum $39.
There is a further section of verse, mainly amorous, 5 pages, including the song 'gaze not on swans, on whose soft breast' (crum G15, set to music by Henry Lawes and published in 1651) and 'why shouldst thou say I am forsworne' by Richard Lovelace
miscellaneous contents include copies of legal documents, 1673-83, and of household accounts 1730s-40s, both pertaining to persons resident in the parish of Muckland (monkland, herts;, ther are also some bible notes, veterinary cures, etc.