This is the manuscript variously titled the "Pattricke (or Dunn or Lovelace) Manuscript"
Facsimilie copies made by: Aaron Macks [], aka GunDormr
Note:  Congee = bow or curtsy (From, a Jeopardy archive from 2002: 
Mentioned in "Henry VIII", "to congee" is to do this; as in "They first congee unto her, then dance", with the answer of bow, or curtsy)
Transcription pointers and help by Gregory Blount
1: Moll Peatley P3 Playford, 4th edition
2: Noahs flood P4 none
3: Tenn Pounde P5 Ten Pound Lass, Playford, 4th edition <- (incomplete) dance does not match
4: The Milking Payle P6 The Merry Merry Milkmaids via tune linkage, Playford 1st to 16th editions <- dance does not match
5: The Highway to Westminster P7 none
6: Ladyes Piller P9 Very, very close to Lady Spellor, Playford, 1st-8th edition
7: The Cherping of the Nightingall P10 Playford, 1st edition <- dance does not match
8: The Wind Mille P11 none
9: The Gipsys P13 Very, very close to The Spanish Jepsie (etc), Playford, 1st to 18th editions
10: The Goddisses P14 Playford, 1st edition
11: Lightly Love P16 tune match with Light o'Love, a broadside tune
12: Trenchmore P18 Playford, 2nd edition
13: The Old Man with a Bed full of Bones P21 Playford, 1st edition
14: A Mayden Fayre p24 Once I Loved a Maiden Fair, Playford 1st edition (+)
15: Cuckles All a Row P26 Playford, 1st edition
16: Grayes Inn Maske P29 Playford, 1st edition
17: St Johns P32 Resembles Dull Sir John, Playford, 1st edition
18: The Boone Companion P36 none  <-instructions "incomplete", but can be finished by the elision theory
19: Step Stately P37 Playford, 1st edition  <- incomplete
20: The Picking of Stickes P38 Playford, 1st edition
21: Jack Pudding P40 Playford, 1st edition
22: Roses white, and roses red P44 Playford, 1st edition
23: Harts Ease P46 Playford, 1st edition
24: The F(T)umbling of J(T)one P48 none
25: Greenwood P51 Playford, 1st edition
26: Natly P53 none
27: A Health to Betty P55 Playford, 1st edition
28: Bobbing Jone P57 Playford, 1st edition
29: Murry P59 none
30: Jogg On P61 Playford, 1st edition
31:  Good Your Worship P62 none
32: The Fryer and the Nun P65 Playford, 1st edition  <- incomplete?
9 dances with no referents, 23 dances with some version in Playford