perhaps a bassadanza for 2 (the manuscript says nothing about what kind of dance this is, or how many people it is for)
Source: AW Smith (Paris), reconstructed by Dafydd Cyhoeddwr
Music: Una Festivita Della Danza (DHDS) (lead in intro)
Starting position: in the absence of any other suggestion, side by side should be fine
1 Two continentie, left and right
2&3 Two sempi, left and right, and a doppio, left
4 Ripresa, right
5 One doppio, left
6-8 Two sempi, right and left, and two doppi, right and left, followed by a brief riverentia
9 One doppio, right, to turn back (reverse direction)
10 Two continentie, left and right
11 One doppio, left, to turn again
12&13 Three continentie, right, left, right, and a sempio, right, closing the feet at the end.
14 One saltarello, left
15-18 One doppio, right, two sempi, left and right, and two doppi, left and right
19 One doppio, right
20 Ripresa, left
21&22 Volta del Gioioso (two sempi, right and left, ripresa, right)
23 Riverentia
Dance does not repeat