Partita Crudele
a bassadanza for two
Source: AW Smith (4 mss), reconstructed by Dafydd Cyhoeddwr
Music: Il Bel Danzare (DHDS) (lead in intro)
Starting position: side by side, hand in hand
Section 1:
1 Two continentie, left and right
2 Two sempi, left and right
3 Riverentia; mezavolta
4 Ripresa, left
5 Two sempi, right and left
6 Riverentia; mezavolta
7 Ripresa, right
Section 2:
8 Turn to face each other and riverentia, touching (right) hands
9-11 Go forward past each other with three riprese portogallesi (diagonally), right, left, right; mezavolta to face
12&13 Approach each other with two sempi, left and right, and a doppio, left
14 Riverentia
15&16 Take left hands and circle with two sempi, right and left, and a doppio, right
17 Ripresa left in such "a way that the man ends up below (to the right of) the woman"
18&19 Volta del Gioioso (two sempi, right and left, ripresa right)
Section 3:
20 Riverentia
21-23 Three saltarelli, left, right, left
24 Two sempi, right and left; mezavolta
25 Ripresa, left
26 Two sempi, right and left; mezavolta
27 Ripresa, right
28 Turn to form a column and do a large doppio, left (anyone know what "pediando" means?); mezavolta
29&30 Two riprese, left and right
31 Riverentia
Dance repeats, with instructions for the woman to lead the second time
Yet again, the music is two measures short and it seems to be in section 3 (the phrasing seems to work perfectly for all of the
other sections). The easiest thing to ignore is the two riprese at the end, so to use this music, do that.