La Graziosa
a balletto for three
Source: AW Smith (NYP), reconstructed by Dafydd Cyhoeddwr
Music: Una Festivita Della Danza (DHDS) (two full measures of intro)
Starting position: side by side (woman in the middle)
Section 1:
1-3 Three saltarelli tedesci, left, right, left
4 A doppio, right, and mezavolta
5-7 Three "passi of Angielosa", which we will take to be doppi portogallessi (diagonally), left, right, left
8 A voltatonda with a doppio, right
Section 2:
9&10 Middle takes End 1 (on middle's left) by the right hand and circles with four contrapassi
as End 2 circles back to place with four contrapassi
11&12 Middle takes End 2 by the left hand and circles with four contrapassi
as End 1 circles back to place with four contrapassi
13&14 Middle departs with two (passi of Angielosa) doppi portogallessi, left and right, and turns to face the ends
15&16 Ends almost catch up with two sempi, left and right, and a doppio, left
Section 3:
17 Riverentia standing face to face
18&19 Everyone continues forward (opposite from each other) two doppi, left and right, then mezavolta
20 Ripresa, left
21&22 Volta del Gioioso (two sempi, right and left, ripresa, right)
Section 4:
23-25 The ends take right hands and circle all the way around with two sempi and two doppi, starting left
as the middle approaches them with two sempi and a doppio starting left, then goes back into place between them and mezavoltas
26&27 All do two riprese, left and right
28 Riverentia
Section 5:
29-34 The middle starts a hey, going right first, in six piva, touching (or taking) hands as they go
The dance repeats