a bassadanza for three (to be the best)
Source: AW Smith (Siena), reconstructed by Dafydd Cyhoeddwr
Music: Una Festivita Della Danza (DHDS) (pick up intro)
Starting position: side by side, hand in hand (by instructions, M-W-M)
Section 1:
1 Two continentie, left and right
2&3 Two sempi, left and right, and a doppio, left
4&5 End 1 turns back/away with two more doppi, right and left, with the other two in the line following him in a column
6&7 End 1 alone does two riprese, the first, left, to end up beside the other two and facing them, and the second, right, to end up near
the end of the line
8 All riverentia (End 2 does two continentie instead?)
9 Ripresa left, Middle (new leader) as normal, End 2 to end up next to Middle, End 1 to end up next to End 2 (reform the line)
10 Ripresa right
Section 2:
11-20 Repeat section 1 with the new order (Middle becomes End 1, End 2 becomes middle, End 1 becomes End 2)
Section 3:
21-30 Repeat section 1 with the new order (original End 2 becomes End 1, original End 1 becomes Middle, original Middle becomes End 2)
At the end, everyone should be back in the order they started the dance in.
Section 4:
31-34 Two sempi, left and right, and three doppi, starting left
35 Take hands around and circle left with a doppio, left
36 Circle right with a doppio, right, then reform the line
37 Middle does a doppio away and then a mezavolta to face the Ends
38 The Ends riverentia to the Middle as the Middle does another doppio away, ending up facing the Ends again
39 The Ends riverentia to the Middle again as the Middle does another doppio, this time toward the Ends
40 The Middle reaches the ends with a final doppio, ending up between them and taking their hands
41 All riverentia
Dance does not repeat
To squeeze the instructions (which I thought quite clear) into the music (which is two measures short (again)), I'm condensing
the riverentias by the Ends in section 4 into the Middle's doppi (which sort of has a little style to it, really )
Note: Gioioa means joy as well as jewel