La Fortuna
a balletto for three
Source:  AW Smith (NYP), reconstructed by Dafydd Cyhoeddwr
Music:  Trobyll me the bordon, by Gaita (no intro)
Starting position:  in a column that is slightly triangular - with the middle slightly out to one side of the column.
Everyone retains their position name (Front, Middle, Rear) until the music starts over with the saltarelli, when their position names change.
There may be a trading of a device during the dance - a ring, which is either a signet ring or possibly just a larger hoop (for visibility)
Section 1:
Saltarelli time, in 4.  The music comes to a close.
1-6 Everyone does six saltarelli (LRLRLR), then they stop.
Section 2:
Quadranaria time, in 4 - slower than the saltarelli
7-8 Everyone does two singles and one double (L, R, L).  The Front turns to face the Middle at the end of the second measure.
9 The Middle does a riverentia (to the ground) to the Front.
10-11 The Middle and the Rear switch places with two singles and a double (L, R, L).
12 The Rear (now in the middle, but still called Rear) does a riverentia (to the ground) to the Front.
13-14 The Rear and the Front meet and circle slightly with two singles and a double (L, R, L).  In the last beat, the Front gives the symbol/ring to Rear.
15 The Front does a riverentia (to the ground) to the Rear.
Section 3:
In 4 - faster and more sprightly than before
16-17 The Front does four meza riprese (sideways steps, two per measure) into the middle position.
18-19 The Rear does four meza riprese into the lead position.
20-21 Everyone does two contrapassi forward (starting left, step, step, step, step back, repeat).
22-23 The everyone does two contrapassi backward. The Rear (in the front) turns to face the other two.
Section 4:
Back to the slower time, still in 4
24 The Front (in the middle) does a riverentia to the Rear, who does a meza riverentia in acknowledgement (piccolo riverentia)
25 The Middle (in the rear) does a riverentia to the Rear, who does a piccolo riverentia in acknowledgement, then turns around.
26 Everyone does two singles forward, and the Rear turns back to the other two.
27 Everyone does a riverentia (to the ground), and the Rear accepts it with a meza riverentia, then turns around again to face forward.
The dance repeats twice more, so that everyone gets to play at each position.