a ballo for two
Source: AW Smith (3 mms), reconstructed by Dafydd Cyhoeddwr
Music: Il Bel Danzare (DHDS) (no intro)
Starting position: side by side, hand in hand (by default)
Section 1:
1-12 Twelve saltarelli starting left (the tempo is quite quick with this music)
Section 2:
13&14 The man leaves with a doppio left (gallopato - galloping, large), and returns with the same on the right
15&16 The woman does the same
17&18 The man leaves and returns again with the same
19&20 The woman again does the same
Section 3:
21 The man does a scosso and the woman responds
22-25 Take right hands, circle with four pive, starting left
26 The woman does a scosso and the man responds
27-30 Take left hands, circle with four pive, starting left
Section 4:
31-34 The man leaves with two sempi, left and right, and three doppi, left, right, left
35-38 The woman catches up with the same steps
39 The man performs a scosso and the woman responds
40&41 Volta del Gioioso (two sempi, right and left, ripresa right), the woman maneuvers to end up "in front" (on the left) by the end
Dance repeats with the woman leading the second time through
Note: the reconstruction follows NYP most closely, especially in section 4 where it has the chase happening with two sempi and
three doppi instead of two, as Smith's translation states (with no footnote). The music seems to take that tack as well.
Also, "fioretto" means little or dear flower