a bassadanza for four
Source: AW Smith (6 mms), reconstructed by Dafydd Cyhoeddwr
Music: Forse che si (4 bar intro - the dance begins when the multiple instruments begin)
Starting position: a column of people, one behind the other, MWMW
Section 1:
1 2 sempi, left and right
2&3 2 doppi, left and right; at the end, the men mezavolta to face the women
4&5 All do 2 riprese, left and right
6 Riverentia, left
Section 2:
7&8 The men take right hands with the women and circle, 2 sempi, left and right, and 1 doppio, left
9 All do a ripresa, right
10&11 The men do two doppi, left and right
as the women do 4 continentie, left, right, left, right
at the end, everyone mezavolta
12&13 All do 2 riprese, left and right
14 Riverentia, left
Section 3:
15 All approach with 2 sempi, left and right
the men should end up next to the women - the men mezavolta to face with the women
16 Take hands and ripresa, left
17&18 Drop hands and volta del gioioso (2 sempi, right and left, and a ripresa right)
19 Riverentia, left
Dance repeats - second time through, the women take the lead parts. As the dance begins, the
men fall in behind the women into the column - or possibly, during the long riverentia, the
men "put" the women before them to reform the column