Corona (old (pre Feb 2009) reconstruction - incorrect, but preserved for posterity)
a bassadanza for three in a file
Source:  AW Smith (2 mms), reconstructed by Dafydd Cyhoeddwr
Music:  Sonare et Balare (DHDS) (not quite a full measure for intro)
Starting position:  The word "fila" is used for position, which means "one behind the other", or "column", so the dancers 
should be lined up one behind the other.  Note that due to the complete lack of interaction between the dancers,
the reference in one mms to "perform{ed} like La Mignotta", and the notes in La Mignotta of many people being
able to do the dance at once, this may well be another "as many as will" dance.
Section 1:
1 Two sempi, left and right
2 Cambiamento (literally "change") to shift feet: ref scambiate from 16th C Italian: 
jump onto the left toe, put right foot under left heel, swing left foot forward and around, then jump slightly to 
land with feet together, weight on left
3&4 Two doppi, right and left
5 Cambiamento right (switch weight to right)
6 One doppio, left
7 Two sempio, right and left; mezavolta with a jump
8 One doppio, right; mezavolta
9&10 Two riprese, left and right
11 Cambiamento, left (switch weight to left)
12&13 Two doppi, right and left; mezavolta
14&15 Two doppi, left and right
16 Cambiamento, left (switch weight to left); mezavolta
17 Voltatonda right
18 Ripresa left to mezavolta
19 Voltatonda left
20 Ripresa right to mezavolta
21 Two continentie, left and right
Section 2:
22&23 Two riprese, left and right
24 Jump onto the left foot and quickly do a doppio, right
25 Ripresa left, diagonally forward
26 One sempio, left, pause
27 Ripresa left, diagonally forward
28 Voltatonda
29 Riverentia
There is a note in Rvat that translates to something like:
This is a very challenging (fortissima = very strong, so formidible?) bassadanza, not for people who scribble 
on paper, appropriately the crown of the others.
This is a tricky dance to reconstruct.  I've had to use the created music to make some choices, relying on the
DHDS's expertise to be a good guide.  In measures 3 & 4, the mms says there are two doppi on the right, and
then one on the left - I've turned those into just two doppi, right and left.  In measure 7, the mms separates the
two sempi with some extra description between - I've combined them (perhaps inaccurately).  In measures 17
to 20, there is an instruction for performing four actions of quadernaria in the misura of bassadanza, followed by
the voltatondas/mezavoltas and ripresas (turning back) - I've presumed that the voltas and ripresas are the 
same as the four misura.
And, of course, the cambiamento.  I looked up "cambiamento" and found that it means change.  A DHDS booklet
indicates that cambiamento (and scambiamento, which means switch) might refer to a weight/foot change.  I 
looked to 16th century Italian dance for the scambiate (form of scambiare, means exchange) step, and have 
used that here.