Belriguardo (for three) novo
a ballo for three, to the tune of the old
Source:  AW Smith (4 mms), reconstructed by Dafydd Cyhoeddwr
Music:  Sonare et Balare (DHDS)
Starting position:  side by side, holding hands (by the instructions, woman in the middle)
Section 1:
1-12 Either:  wait a measure, then do 11 saltarelli, starting with the right foot,
or: do 12 saltarelli starting with the left foot
Section 2:
13&14 End 1 does two doppi, left and right, to end up in front of the middle
as the Middle does two riprese left and right
as End 2 does two doppi backwards to end up behind the middle
all of this to form into a column
15&16 All three do 2 doppi forward, left and right
17&18 3 contrapassi on the left, mezavolta
19 2 continenze (right, left)
20&21 Return with 3 contrapassi on the right, mezavolta
22 2 continenze (left, right)
23 Ripresa, left
Section 3:
24 Do one saltarello largo (wide/slow) forward
25 End 1 does a mezavolta, a second saltarello largo to end up on the left of the Middle, and another mezavolta
as the Middle stands
as End 2 does a second saltarello largo to end up on the right of the Middle
all of this to return everyone to their starting places
26 The Middle does a doppio, right, forward (starting on the 3rd beat of measure 25 if they wish)
27 The Ends follow with a doppio, right, forward to end up even with the Middle
28 Everyone do a saltarello, left, forward
29 The Ends switch places with a saltarello, right - End 1 goes in front of the Middle, End 2 goes behind the Middle
30 Everyone does 2 continentie, left and right
31 1 doppio, left
Section 4:
32 1 doppio, right
33 The Ends form a column with the Middle in one doppio, End 2 (on the left) going forward, End 1 going
backward, the Middle standing still.
34 The Ends return to place with 1 doppio - if the dance repeats, this means that they end up where they started the
figure; if it does not, they end up where they started the dance.
35 2 continentie, left and right
36 Rivertentia (left)
Sonare version does repeat
Note: this dance works to the same music that the other two versions of Belriguardo use, and it follows the broad
pattern of those dances.  I've made some choices between the options in the manuscripts based on trying to keep
the dance consistent with both the music and with the other dances.