Belriguardo (for two) novo
a balletto for two
Source:  AW Smith (NyP), reconstructed by Dafydd Cyhoeddwr
Music:  Sonare et Balare (DHDS)
Starting position:  side by side, holding hands
Section 1:
1-12 12 saltarelli starting with the left foot, drop hands
Section 2:
13&14 Man leaves with two doppi
15&16 Woman catches up with two doppi
17&18 Man leaves with 3 contrapassi, turns to face the woman (either in a mezavolta at the end, or during the steps)
19 Both do 2 continentie.
20&21 Woman catches up with 3 contrapassi, and the man mezavoltas to face with the woman at the end
22&23 Both do 2 riprese, left and right together.
Section 3:
24&25 Face and take right hands, do two saltarelli in a circle
26&27 Without dropping hands, do two ripresa, left and right
28&29 Take left hands, do two saltarelli in a circle
30&31 Without dropping hands, do two ripresa, left and right
Section 4:
32&33 Facing forward, do 2 sempi and a doppio, starting left
34&35 Volta del Gioioso (2 sempi, right and left, to turn, and 1 ripresa right)
36 2 continentie, left and right - at the end, mezavolta so that the woman leads if the dance repeats.
Sonare version does repeat
Note: this dance works to the same music that the other two versions of Belriguardo use, and it follows the broad
pattern of those dances.  I've made some choices between the options in the manuscripts based on trying to keep
the dance consistent with both the music and with the other dances - specifically, the NyP manuscript says to do
4 contrapassi, but there is only music for 3.  Notably, the NyP manuscript version of the old Belriguardo indicates
that that dance should also have 4 contrapassi in the same place - again, the music would seem to forbid that.