VSST 108 - Design for Media

1a - Film Still: Written Design Analysis

Due at class (on a flash drive) on Thursday 4/5.

Analyze the visual design of your film still. Write between 300 and 400 words. Use Microsoft Word - or save as a Word file from another text edit application. Don't submit a PDF, which is not editable.

Put your name, course info and the title of the film at the top. You can include director and year if you like. Don't include the still photo itself.

Stick to purely formal/visual observations (not interpretation of meaning or action or story). Try to think purely visually. Don't give character names, storyline, etc.

You may use design-specific terminology or more informal language, but be precise and consistent.

Check your grammar and spelling - that is, run spell and grammar checks! If my spell and grammar checks find serious errors you missed, you'll have to redo the piece.

Name your file <sec-lastname-analysis> followed by the file format suffix.
(example: <001-tobia-analysis.docx>)

Sample Visual Analysis

Don't try to upload or email your file. Bring it to class on Thursday 4/5 on a flash drive.

- 300-400 words
- spelling and grammar checked
- in one of the specified file formats (doc, docx, rtf)
- bring to class on a flash drive

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