VSST 108 - Design for Media

AW Express

All digital projects are due in the AW Express drop folder for this course (unless specified). Generally, they are due before, or right at the beginning of, the class session at which they will be reviewed.

AW Expresse is a networked hard drive that can be accessed from anywhere on the Drexel campus. It can also be accessed from off-campus via VPN. Once your instructor has put your student ID into the system, you will be able to access the VSST partition of AW Express.

If you are unable to access AW Express: Do not send your project as an email attachment! Email me for instructions.

Within the campus network: if AW Express doesn't come up automatically, you can connect manually as follows:

PC: In the Run Dialog box type in <\\awexpress.westphal.drexel.edu>.

Mac: Use <Go/Connect to Server> and type in “smb://awexpress.westphal.drexel.edu” and then pre-face your username with “DREXEL\” and enter your password.

In the next dialog, you may see a choice of folders. The correct folder is <vsst_student>.

Once you are in <vsst_student> you can navigate to the folder <Tobia> and then to your section of VSST 108 and then to the drop folder for the particular project that is due.

You may also create your own folder in the <Student Working Folder> for temporary storage of files until you have a chance to download them onto another computer.

From off campus: You will first need to install Cisco AnyConnect VPN on your computer. It is available from Drexel IRT student sofware downloads.

Start AnyConnect (entering your password as rtequested)
once connected see specific instructions at the AW Express Off Campus Access page.

If you are in the campus network or connected by VPN, you can also connect to the
AW Express Information page.

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