VSST 108 - Design for Media I - term 17-1

Tuesday 12/5 - individual Final Project progress review

Thursday 12/7 - No Class

Wednesday 12/13 - Final Project due in AW Express by Noon

Thursday 12/14 - 10:00 - Sec 002 Final Critique

Thursday 12/14 - 13:00 - Sec 001 Final Critique

updated 12/04/17

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Section 001: Tuesday - Thursday 12:30-14:20

Section 002: Tuesday - Thursday 09:30-11:20

computer lab: 510
studio classroom: 512
Academic Building

prof. Blaise Tobia
e-mail: tobiabj@drexel.edu
office hours (room 109b): by appointment

open lab hours (in 502):
M and W 19:00-22:00, F 09:00-18:00, Sa 12:00-18:00, Su 10:00-15:00

Please be sure to read thoroughly the Course Syllabus - it is the essential contract between instructor and students. Your continued participation in the course will indicate that you have read, understand, and accept the syllabus.

Course Syllabus

Required Tools and Supplies

Submitting Digital Files: AW Express

Design Terminology - part 1

Design Terminology - part 2

Design Terminology - part 3

Please note that the course calendar is subject to change.

Week 1a - T 9/26

Overview of course structure. Definition of design. The film/video/animation frame as a design space (illustrated).

In-class: student ID photos

In-class: presentation of course web site

In-class: prep for formal written analysis of film still

In-class: film still selection

Film Still Written Design Analysis

Film Stills - low resolution - for written analysis only

Reminder: due Thursday 9/28 at class: Film Still Written Design Analysis

Week 1b - R 9/28

Bring to class on flash drive: Film Still Written Design Analysis (.doc or .docx only)

In-class: upload Written Design Analysis files to AW Express

In-class: slideshow: Design Intro and Terminology Part 1

In-class: demo for Film Still Tracings; distribution of prints and tracing paper

In-class: demo for Shapes preparatory drawings

In-class: demo of studio tools and materials

Film Still Tracings

Shapes - Part 1 - preliminary drawings

Reminder: due Tuesday 10/3: acquire studio tools and materials and bring everything to class

Reminder: due Tuesday 10/3: preparatory drawings of shapes

Note: tomorrow Friday 9/29 is the last day for course drop

Week 2a - T 10/3

Bring to class: portfolio case with all studio tools and materials

Bring to class: preliminary drawings of shapes (as specified in project assignment)

In-class: do final drawing of shapes and scanning of shapes

Shapes - Part 2 - completion - digital and print

Reminder: due Thursday 10/5: completed Film Still Tracings

Week 2b - R 10/5

Due at class: Film Still Tracings - original photo print, three traced overlays

In-class: critique: Film Still Tracings

In-class: slideshow: Line

In class: detailed description of Line Animation project and a demonstration of the animation technique

In class: 10 sheets of paper distributed for one-second animation test

Line Animation (see one-second test part)

(see AW Express VSST Students for Line Animation Examples)

Reminder: due Tuesday 10/10: one-second animation test

Week 3a - T 10/10

Due in AW Express: one-second tests for Line Animation

In-class: slideshow: Frame, Symmetry, etc.

In class: individual reviews of one-second tests

In class: distribution of 100 sheets of paper for full animation

In class: work time (Shapes digital component, etc.)

Line Animation - completion

Reminder: due Thursday 10/12: Shapes - digital files and prints

Reminder: also on Thursday 10/12: Quiz 1 on terminology part 1

Week 3b - R 10/12

Due in AW Express: Shapes - digital

Due at class: Shapes - prints

In-class: Quiz 1 on terminology

In-class: critique: Shapes - prints

In-class: slideshows: Pattern and Texture

In-class: demonstration for Pattern and Texture

Pattern + Texture

Reminder: due Tuesday 10/17: Pattern+Texture

Week 4a - T 10/17

Due in AW Express: Pattern+Texture

In-class: review: Shapes - digital

In-class: slideshows: Value and Optical Value

In-class: demo: Film-Still Value Analysis

In-class: demo: Value Graphic - Composition

Film Still Value Analysis

Value Graphic Composition

Reminder: Due Thursday 10/19: completed Line Animations

Week 4b - R 10/19

Due in AW Express: completed Line Animation

In-class: critique: Line Animation

In-class: demo Form Animation

Form Animation

Reminder: Due Tuesday 10/24: Value Graphic compositions

Week 5a - T 10/24

Due in AW Express: Value Graphic composition

In-class: Feedback on Value Graphic compositions

In-class: review: Pattern/Texture

In-class: demo A.I. conversion for Value Graphic

Reminder: Due Thursday 10/26: Film-Sill Value Analysis

Reminder: Due Thursday 10/26: Form Storyboard and Character Display

Week 5b - R 10/26

Due in AW Express: Form Storyboard and Character Display

In-class: work time

In-class: Individual reviews of Form Storyboards and Character Displays

Week 6a - T 10/31 (Halloween!)

Due in AW Express: Film-Still Values Analysis

In-class: Slideshows: Still Life and Collage

In-class: work time

In-class: Individually photograph still lifes

In-class: Individual mid-term progress reviews

Week 6b - R 11/2

Demo of Laser Cutting at Maker Lab

Quiz 2

In-class: review: Film-Still Value Analysis

In class: Demo of collage process

Reminder: Due Tuesday 11/7: Form Animation

Week 7a - T 11/7

Due in AW Express: Form Animation

In-class: critique of Form Animation

In-class: slides/clips on emphasis

Assign Final Project Proposal

Final Project

Reminder: Due Thursday 11/9: Value Graphic Collage

Week 7b - R 11/9

Due at class: Value Graphic Collages

In-class: critique of Value Graphic Collages

In-class: demo Still Life - digital

In-class: work time

Still Life

Reminder: Due Tuesday 11/14: Final Project Proposal

Week 8a - T 11/14

Due in AW Express: Final Project Proposal v.1

In-class: individual reviews of Proposals

In-class: work time

Assign Final Project Proposal v.2

Week 8b - R 11/16

Due in AW Express: Final Project Proposal v.2

In-class: demo of painting process

In-class: work time

Reminder: due Tuesday 11/28: Still Life - digital

Week 8c - R 11/21

Open lab session with Instructor

Week 8d - R 11/23 - Thanksgiving - No Class

Week 9a - T 11/28

Due in AW Express: Still Life - digital

In-class: Presentation of Film Clips/Use of Film Terminology

Reminder: due Tuesday: Still Life - painting and collage

Week 9b - R 11/30

Due at class: Still Life - painting and collage

In-class: critique of Still Life - painting and collage

In-class: Quiz 3

Week 10a - T 12/5

In-class: review Still Life - digital

In-class: individual reviews of Final Project in-process

In-class: work time

Week 10b - R 12/8 - Instructor Away - No Class

W 12/13: Final Projects due in AW Express by Noon

R 12/14: 10:00 - room 510: Sec 002 Final Project Critique (attendance mandatory)

R 12/14: 13:00 - room 510: Sec 001 Final Project Critique (attendance mandatory)