VSST 108 - Design for Media I - term 17-2

Final Projects - completed - due in AW Express by Midnight, Sunday 3/18

Final Review at 10:00 AM on Tuesday 3/20

updated 03/15/2018

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Section 005: Tuesday - Thursday 09:00-10:50

computer lab: 510
studio classroom: 512
Academic Building

prof. Blaise Tobia
e-mail: tobiabj@drexel.edu
office hours (room 109b): by appointment

open lab hours (in 502): T 09:00-2:00 • F 09:00-18:00 • Sa 09:00-16:00 • Su 16:00-22:00

Course Syllabus

Required Tools and Supplies

Submitting Digital Files: AW Express

Design Terminology - part 1

Design Terminology - part 2

Design Terminology - part 3

Please note that the course calendar is subject to change.

Week 1a - T 1/9

Overview of course structure. Definition of design. The film/video/animation frame as a design space (illustrated).

In-class: student ID photos

In-class: presentation of course web site

In-class: prep for formal written analysis of film still

In-class: film still selection

Film Still Written Design Analysis

Film Stills - low resolution - for written analysis only

Reminder: due Thursday 1/11 at class: Film Still Written Design Analysis

Week 1b - R 1/11

Bring to class on flash drive: Film Still Written Design Analysis (.doc or .docx only)

In-class: upload Written Design Analysis files to AW Express

In-class: slideshow: Design Intro and Terminology Part 1

In-class: demo for Film Still Tracings; distribution of prints and tracing paper

In-class: demo for Shapes preparatory drawings

In-class: demo of studio tools and materials

Film Still Tracings

Shapes - Part 1 - preliminary drawings

Reminder: due Tuesday 1/16: acquire studio tools and materials and bring everything to class

Reminder: due Tuesday 1/16: preparatory drawings of shapes

Note: tomorrow Friday 1/12 is the last day for course drop

Week 2a - T 1/16

Bring to class: portfolio case with all studio tools and materials

Bring to class: preliminary drawings of shapes (as specified in project assignment)

In-class: do final drawing of shapes and scanning of shapes

Shapes - Part 2 - completion - digital and print

Reminder: due Thursday 1/18: completed Film Still Tracings

Week 2b - R 1/18

Due at class: Film Still Tracings - original photo print, three traced overlays

In-class: critique: Film Still Tracings

In-class: slideshow: Line

In class: detailed description of Line Animation project and a demonstration of the animation technique

In class: 10 sheets of paper distributed for one-second animation test

Line Animation (see one-second test part)

(see AW Express VSST Students for Line Animation Examples)

Reminder: due Tuesday 1/23: one-second animation test

Week 3a - T 1/23

Due in AW Express: one-second tests for Line Animation

In-class: slideshow: Frame, Symmetry, etc.

In class: individual reviews of one-second tests

In class: distribution of 100 sheets of paper for full animation

In class: work time (Shapes digital component, etc.)

Line Animation - completion

Reminder: due Thursday 1/25: Shapes - digital files and prints

Reminder: also on Thursday 1/25: Quiz 1 on terminology part 1

Week 3b - R 1/25

Due in AW Express: Shapes - digital

Due at class: Shapes - prints

In-class: Quiz 1 on terminology

In-class: critique: Shapes - prints

In-class: slideshows: Pattern and Texture

In-class: demonstration for Pattern and Texture

Pattern + Texture

Reminder: due Tuesday 1/30: Pattern+Texture

Week 4a - T 1/30

Due in AW Express: Pattern+Texture

In-class: review: Shapes - digital

In-class: slideshows: Value and Optical Value

In-class: demo: Film-Still Value Analysis

In-class: demo: Value Graphic - Composition

Film Still Value Analysis

Value Graphic Composition

Reminder: Due Thursday 2/1: completed Line Animations

Week 4b - R 2/1

Due in AW Express: completed Line Animation

In-class: critique: Line Animation

In-class: demo Form Animation

Forms Animation

Reminder: Due Tuesday 2/6: Value Graphic compositions

Week 5a - T 2/6

Due in AW Express: Value Graphic composition

In-class: Feedback on Value Graphic compositions

In-class: review: Pattern/Texture

In-class: demo A.I. conversion for Value Graphic

Reminder: Due Thursday 2/8: Form Storyboard and Character Display

Reminder: Due Tuesday 2/13: Film-Sill Value Analysis

Week 5b - R 2/8

Campus Closed - but work is still due in AW Express! Feedback will be by email.

Due in AW Express: Form Storyboard and Character Display

In-class: work time

In-class: Individual reviews of Form Storyboards and Character Displays

Week 6a - T 2/13

Due in AW Express: Film-Still Values Analysis

In-class: Slideshows: Still Life and Collage

In-class: work time

In-class: Individually photograph still lifes

In-class: Individual mid-term progress reviews

Extra Credit - see movie "Bladerunner 2049" (9 PM - URBN Annex)
write a 3-4 paragraph description of its visual qualities.

Week 6b - R 2/15

Quiz 2

In-class: review: Film-Still Value Analysis

In class: Demo of collage process

Demo of Laser Cutting at URBN Center Maker Lab

Reminder: Due Tuesday 2/20: Form Animation

Week 7a - T 2/20

Due in AW Express: Form Animation

In-class: critique of Form Animation

In-class: slides/clips on emphasis

Assign Final Project Proposal v.1

Final Project

Reminder: Due Thursday 2/22: Value Graphic Collage

Week 7b - R 2/22

Due at class: Value Graphic Collages

In-class: critique of Value Graphic Collages

In-class: demo Still Life - digital

Still Life - Digital and Collage

In-class: work time

Reminder: Due Tuesday 2/27: Final Project Proposal

Week 8a - T 2/27

Due in AW Express: Final Project Proposal v.1

In-class: individual reviews of Proposals

In-class: work time

Assign Final Project Proposal v.2

Week 8b - R 3/1

Due in AW Express: Final Project Proposal v.2

In-class: demo of collage and painting processes

In-class: work time

Reminder: due Tuesday 3/6: Still Life - digital

Week 9a - T 3/6

Due in AW Express: Still Life - digital

In-class: Presentation of Film Clips/Use of Film Terminology

Reminder: due Thursday 3/8: Still Life - painting and collage

Reminder: study for Quiz 3

Week 9b - R 3/8

Due at class: Still Life - painting and collage

In-class: critique of Still Life - painting and collage

In-class: Quiz 3

Week 10a - T 3/13

In-class: review Still Life - digital

In-class: individual reviews of Final Project in-process

In-class: work time

Week 10b - R 3/15

In-class: summation of course

In-class: work time

Sunday 3/18: Final Projects due in AW Express by Midnight

T 3/20: 10:00 - room 510: Final Project Critique (attendance mandatory)