Blaise Tobia • Statement

There are many unifying factors in my work under its ecclectic surface of subjects, forms and styles.

I have always sought to in bring together effectively form, concept and meaning.

I am interested in storytelling; virtually all of my work conveys stories of some kind. This connects to an interest in the urban landscape and the products of human culture, especially people's self-representations.

I want to work beyond the expectations and limitations of the singular photographic image, so most of my work is multiple-image (paired, sequenced, collaged). I am interested in how human vision and camera vision differ and how visual and verbal representation differ. I am a maker of notations more than of finished works. I wish I'd been the one to coin the term "notations in passing."

I have explored means of presentation that are not based in the fine-print paradigm - such as programmed slide/audio - but my primary focus remains with the print and print variations such as the book. Recent advances in digital print technologies, both direct digital and hybrid digital/chemical, have allowed me to more effectively put my works into printed form.

I am often influenced by accidental discoveries made in-process. The content of work and its form interact in ways that cannot be anticipated.

Beyond formal and perceptual concerns, I have a point of view about the world that I observe and I want to convey it in my art, but without being didactic or doctrinaire. I want some of my own doubts, and some of the humor I see in the ironies of the world, to come through.

In making complex visual art works, I want to raise many parallel issues simultaneously. I want to offer connotations, to imply connectedness, to stimulate speculation and imagination. If I can, I want to encompass more into a work than I can easily define, so that it continues to be interesting to me as well as possibly to others.