Blaise Tobia • La Scomparsa - the Disappearance of Italy

Blaise Tobia has been documenting Italy on regular visits since 1989.
The "La Scomparsa/Disappearance of Italy" project began to take shape in 2006.

"La Scomparsa" looks at rapid and significant changes taking place in Italian society and culture.
Among its particular foci are globalization, immigration, disappearing traditions,
and the Italian fascination for all things American.

A separate project website for "La Scomparsa/Disappearance of Italy" has gathered comments from Italians
about the question of major changes to Italian culture.

Versions of the project have been shown at the America-Italy Society and the University of the Arts,
in Philadelphia, and at the cultural center Arcobaleno in Rome.
It has also been presented in a number of limited-edition books.

A small sample of images from La Scomparsa

Go to the La Scomparsa/Disappearance of Italy project site.

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