Blaise Tobia • Direct Objects.

This series utilizes an imaging process of laying three-dimensional objects directly on
the glass platen of a flatbed scanner, bypassing the mediation of a standard camera.
The resulting images are then combined with a pair of personal stories or observations.

The predecessor for the Direct Objects series was a single piece, Pasta del Capitano
done in 1992 using a relatively crude scanner and printer.

The first Direct Object scan - of a hammer - was done in 1993 on a "three pass" RGB scanner;
the RGB "spectrum" is visible on the head of the hammer in Continuity.
Additional objects were added through 2005.

The first Direct Objects prints were done in 1994 on the Iris printer of Silicon Gallery in Philadelphia.
Subsequent versions were done on a variety of Epson printers.

Because the Direct Objects prints include delicate texts and a small image on a large deep black field
they are very difficult to present on a web page. An example is here.

Theefore, the series has been reworked for web presentation, enter here.

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