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Castle of Eufemio.

The book Castle of Eufemio - a small Sicilian town and its extraordinary festival
based on Calatafimi and its festival Il Santissimo Crocifisso was published by Achilles Press
in June, 2007, in association with the America-Italy Society of Philadelphia.
It is a high-quality hardcover featuring 39 color images ands texts in both English and Italian.

An exhibition of photographs from Castle of Eufemio was on display at the
Italian American Museum in NYC, from January to March, 2008.

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Calatafimi is the place where all four of Blaise Tobia's grandparents were born. Several first cousins
and their children still live there, or nearby. He has photographed Calatafimi and its surroundings
numerous times since 1989. In May, 2004, he was able to photograph its widely-known
3-day town festival, which once occured every third year but now occurs only about once per decade."

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