Calatafimi Supplement


Calatafimi from the Southeast, May 2004


Chiesa Madre (yellow) and hilltop Kalat (castle). Garibaldi monument (at Pianta Romana) in the distance.



Restored arches of the Kalat (hilltop Islamic-period castle)


Amphitheatre at Segesta (Greco-Roman, c 200 BC) - still used for summer theatre.
Autostrada in the distance connects to Palermo, about 50 Km away.


Streetscape, October 2006


Cemetery (on the hilltop opposite the Kalat)


Edge of the Sasi district (built on a former farm after the 1968 earthquake destroyed one third of the old town).


Railroad viaduct c 1925 and Autostrada viaduct c 1970.

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