Blaise Tobia • Cadillac Ranch Sequences 1974

On our way to San Diego to begin graduate studies at UCSD we were invited by Stanley Marsh 3 to visit his ranch
near Amarillo Texas. Marsh had amassed a large collection of contemporary art (including many John Chamberlain
scuptures) and had recetly commissioned Robert Smithson's earthwork "Amarillo Ramp." It turned out to be Smithson's
last project; he died in an airplane accident while surveying for the Ramp, and it was finished by his widow, artist
Nancy Holt. At the end of the visit, Marsh had us view the most recent work on his ranch - the just-completed
"Cadillac Ranch" - produced by the Ant Farm collective during a residency. Highly visible (located just off I 40)
"Cadillac Ranch" became a sensation with both the art and roadside attraction publics.

Because it had been completed so recently, "Cadillac Ranch" was in pristine condition when I photographed it.
I did two series of still images that were imagined as frames from two kinetic pieces - a "zoom" into and a "pan" across - the work.

Enter Cadillac Ranch

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