Blaise Tobia • Assembled Images

Each work in this series is collaged (or "assembled") from two or more photographic images - as many as twenty-two in one case,
as well as from non-photographic elements such as texts or drawings.
The process is carried out digitally; the finished image is then printed on a single sheet.

The current Assembled Images series represents an evolution of a technique I first used in my 1981
Abrupt Transitions - Detroit series. In that work, panoramas were physically assembled from
individual photographic prints, with pieces including from three to eight frames.

Assemled Images prints have been made on both Iris and Epson printers and range from 14x46 (Crater Lake) to 38x30 (Giglio).

Alpha & Omega
Crater Lake

The Model of Models

Dancing the Giglio
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