Hilltops near Santa Rosa, California, 1994 (alpha) and Matera, Italy, 1996 (omega)

Matera, in the very far South of Italy, near the Ionian Sea, is one of the oldest sites
of continuous human habitation on Earth. People began digging caves in the soft
tufa rock of its cliffs over 14,000 years ago. Eventually, these caves became larger
and more elaborate, and began to have house-like facades at their entrances.
Even today, if one goes to the rear-most room
of a house in the Sassi
(the cliffside neighborhood) it will often be a rough-hewn, cave-like space.

The hilltop development above Santa Rosa, California, that I could see from a
friend's back yard, was at the opposite end of
the scale in terms of length of habitation.
The hills were still being scraped raw for this new set of suburban houses.

Print versions of Alpha&Omega include a matched pair of 46"-wide Iris prints
and a single 16X20 digital C-print.



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