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Thomas J. Moskal, DVM,
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Welcome to my Professional Portfolio Website! This website was crafted as an academic exercise to learn to compose code in XHTML and CSS, and to learn and apply basic webpage design concepts. This website was created completely by manual coding. No website design software applications were used to create this site.

The practical objective of this academic exercise was to create an electronic portfolio designed to present academic and professional experiences and personal attributes as evidence of competency for employment in the profession of Library and Information Science. My hope is that you will enjoy your visit to my website, and that you may find the information posted here informative and of great interest.

Tom Moskal's Portrait


As a biologist and a veterinarian board certified in Comparative Medicine my ambitions have led to professional experiences that involved working with rare and endangered birds at a wildlife research facility, exotic birds and mammals in a zoo, and a range of animals studied as models for research of human diseases. My knowledge base in Comparative Medicine is remarkably broad. I know that I am qualified to work productively in and contribute to projects involving basic or applied research in medicine, biology and zoology.

Most of my professional and academic life has involved searching for and consuming current literature on the topics relevant to my ongoing activities. This has forged in me a strong appreciation of the powerful utility of libraries. Modern technology used by libraries enables enlightened users, librarians and other information professionals, to access virtually any title, any author and any format of information. Libraries separated geographically are able to collaborate and cooperatively create comprehensive online library cataloging systems. These information systems are, virtually, the largest collections of accessible information in existence. What could be more exciting?

My conclusion, based upon these revelations, is that my preferred working environment involves working with novel subjects in a dynamic environment, and having the responsibility and capability to efficiently access information.

I have grown to believe that library and information science is a profoundly exciting professional endeavor. Using the knowledge and the tools acquired in the MLIS curriculum, along with the ideological guidance and support of organizations of information professionals, I am on a path toward becoming a leader in promoting and providing information services in scientific research environments.

I strongly believe that success in identifying, locating and acquiring the best information is maximized when information users, such as research scientists and university faculty members, work collaboratively with librarians and other information professionals under conditions of mutual respect and trust.

Quite recently I encountered a poem, "Where Dreams Come From," written by Marge Piercy and published in The Hunger Moon: New and Selected Poems, 1980-2010. ©Alfred A. Knopf. Although I corresponded with the publisher, apparently there was not sufficient time to acquire permission to reprint an excerpt of the poem here. Instead I will paraphrase by describing the author's observation as follows: dreams come from books, they lie in wait in the stacks of libraries. This literary revelation is consistent with my personal and professional philosophy. Thus I am determined to spend more time in the stacks of libraries, seeking my dreams, and to prepare myself to guide information seekers to the information that best fulfills their needs, and, perhaps, even leads them to discover their own dreams.