Meeting Minutes 

Meeting Minute template
   Team: #

   Date: 10/14/04, 5 PM 
Team’s Weekly Goal: 
   Finalize abstract and -> pre-proposal
   I. Past Items
   	i. Research topic and draft abstract
   	ii. Look up present study from Northwestern University regard Reconfigurable    System
II. Action Item (This week)
   • Draft an abstract to present to Advisor
   • Meet with Advisor
   	i. Meet and talk about drafted abstract 
   	ii. Talk about content of abstract
   	iii. Look at equipment
   	iv. Talk to Grad student 
   	v. Find out what is require in pre-proposal
   • Revise Abstract and present to advisor on Friday @4 PM
   • Meet after advisor’s meeting to draft pre-proposal
   • Look into integration of C code into Matlab: mex file
   III. Next Week Item
   	• Meet to finalize pre-proposal
   	• Send to advisor for recommendation
   	• Send to Writing center
   IV. Individual’s Memo, thought, problem, etc…
   	• We need to be more initiative and better prepare coming to meeting