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The Roller Coaster of Love

The Roller Coaster of Love

How to get an "A" on the final project, in ten simple steps:

1. Obtain building materials.

Popsicle Sticks, 1000 count
We used 10 pounds of popsicle sticks.
For the more masochistically inclined, I recommend round toothpicks for the superstructure.

2. Choose an appropriately time consuming method of constructing the track.

Track Joint Loop Track Segment
We used copper wire rails poorly soldered to copper wire ties.

Never touch another group member with a hot soldering iron.

3. Select a title for your coaster, preferably something pseudo-creative, derivative, or clichéd.

The Roller Coaster of Love

4. Come up with an ambitious design, two loops minimum.

Major Loop Minor Loop

5. Remember to make the first hill disproportionately tall.

Hilltop Hilltop

6. Have some means to take the car to the top of the first hill, and stop it once it reaches the end of the track.

Erector Motor Hot Glue Rumble Strips

7. If you are going to turn, do it in style.

The Spiral of Love

8. Spend any additional time you may have adding character to your coaster.

Ice Cream Shop Foliage

9. Enlist your friends to help with the in-class finishing touches.


10. Some states may require you to obtain a special license for safe roller coaster disposal.


A special thanks goes out to Ms. Hovenac and Mr. Manek, the best ex-engineers I've met, for not incapacitating one another while working on the project. And for toughing it out though all that hot gluing.