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The DCML CD is project we (the list) came up with in the summer of '99 [insert Bryan Adams guitar riff].

What happened was this: As a way of getting to know one another, each listee posted their "Desert Island Disks," which are the 10 CDs you would take with you if you were stranded on a desert island. We noticed there were some remarkable similarities, and a list of everyone's choices was compiled. From that I extracted our favorite artists. We voted on our favorite songs by those artists, and arrived at the tracklisting you see below.

I volunteered to coordinate the project as I am a college student with an excessive CD collection, a CD burner on my computer, and too much free time.

Basically, this is just a favor I'm doing for an increasingly closely-knit group of online friends. Anyone who'd like a CD is welcomed to one (or several), I only ask that you help me out with the cost of materials, as enumerated below.


R.E.M.:               Daysleeper 		3:39
Radiohead:            Fake Plastic Trees 	4:50
Tori Amos:            Pretty Good Year 		3:26
The Beatles:          Across the Universe 	3:43
The Smiths:           Girlfriend in a Coma 	2:01
Smashing Pumpkins:    1979 			4:25
David Bowie:          Space Oddity 		5:18
Pearl Jam:            Better Man 		4:28
Belle and Sebastian:  The State that I am In 	4:57
They Might Be Giants: End of the Tour 		3:18
Air:                  Sexy Boy 			4:58
Pink Floyd:           Brain Damage/Eclipse 	5:54
The Cure:             Boys Don't Cry 		2:34
U2:                   With or Without You 	4:56
Plus a few surprises... :-)

Ain't they just tha purtiest li'l thangs?

More Info

The CD will come in a paper sleeve (jewel cases are expensive to buy, expensive to ship, and break easily), decorated by digital artwork done (or, more accurately, stolen ;-) by me. All tracks were copied direct from the original CD, with no compression in between. In other words, it should be of the highest quality. If anyone wants MP3s of the tracks made, let me know and we can work something out.

Money, get back...

So you wanna buy a CD?
Use the calculator below to figure out how much it will be (requires JavaScript). Then email me with your address, the number of CDs you want, and the amount of money you'll be sending. I'll email you back with my address. You'll send me a check (or money order or cash, if you're comfortable with that) in US Dollars, and when I receive l'argent I'll send you your CDs. Simple!

Enter the number of CDs you would like:
Pick your location:

Send me an email with your name, address, the number of CDs you want, and this figure:
I'll send you an email with my address. Upon receipt of your payment, I will promptly send out your CD(s).

'Still Life with Envelopes, X-Acto Blade, and Elmers Glue'. Your package will be shipped in a manilla bubble-padded envelope via the mighty US Postal Service's airmail, and should arrive within 3 days of my receipt of your payment for those in North America, or 7-10 days for those in Europe, South America, or the Pacific Rim.

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