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6/16/05 - And that's it - the last edition of 'the nod' just signed off the air. If anyone cares, the last track played was 'Marouba Bay', from Edgar Froese's awesome solo album Epsilon in Malaysian Pale. What the future holds now, I don't especially know, but I will miss the many, many memories made and the many ways I grew up in WKDU's tiny little control room since December of 2000. I'll be popping up on the airwaves here and there, probably, doing a little radio action, guerilla-style. Whoever might be reading this, if you fancied yourself a fan of my show, you're welcome to keep in touch with me at Here's my last playlist. Cheers.

6/5/05 - Graduation is next week! Gyah! In the midst of finding a job, car, apartment, and staring down my adult life in general, I'm eminently pleased to be able to play once again on Star's End ambient radio on 88.5 WXPN. Selections from DACM, Woob, Gas/High Skies, Human Mesh Dance, and Moby will be played, as well as that Tim Hecker CD that's been tearing up my show for the past few months. Tune in late, late late night on Saturday, June 11 from 3 AM to 4 AM to hear me. More info on Star's End @ WXPN's website is

General stress and senioritis have kept me from keeping any track whatsoever of my playlists, but here are some things I've been playing a lot of:

I'm wearing a Battles shirt and staring moodily out of a window. Good for me!
  • Saul Stokes "Abstractions"
  • Lightning Bolt "Wonderful Rainbow"
  • Need New Body "Where's Black Ben?"
  • Marvin Ayres "Cellosphere"
  • Eluvium "Talk Amongst The Trees"
  • 302 Acid "em:t0005"
  • Out Hud "Let Us Never Speak Of It Again"
  • Thomas Köner "Unerforschtes Gebiet"
  • Tosca "J.A.C."


3/18/05 - Been too busy to update, but now exams are done, and I can sleep my days away - at least for a little while. since you last saw me on this page, my dad did indeed come by and lay down another hour of 60's soul, and i'm also in the process of compiling another, more minimal hour of music for star's end for the coming weeks. next week's show will include philly jockey Joey Breakdown, who will be dusting off some of his old jungle favorites and playing them with reminiscences aplenty. tune in next week on 3/23 to hear his guest spot! I'll probably be picking up odd airtime next week here and there anyway - dead air is common during Drexel break week. enjoy the warm weather y'all.

02/20/05 - Tune in this Wednesday night as Carl, a guy who up till recently went by the name of DJ Zen, will be joining forces with me to throw down a couple hours of -- yes, I'm going to say it -- trance. I'll be dusting off classics from Bedrock, Pappa + Gilbey, Starecase, Way Out West, and bunch of other stuff that I haven't played on the air in a couple years at least! It's sure to be a rip-roaring time - tune in beginning at 9:00 PM to hear Carl and myself doing a little 3 x 3 record tag-teaming.

02/14/05 - Next to grace the airwaves of WKDU, this Wednesday, will be the singular individual known as Beluv. A fellow I met entirely by random chance several years ago, he comes well-versed in the ways of IDM and musical production. Check out to hear his EMM2003 set and hear some of his original work. He's played on the past two Electronic Music Marathons, and similarly this time he'll be firing up his computer to bring us a live digital DJ mix. Tune in from 10:00 PM - 11:00 PM to hear his musical selections, around which I'll be laying down a bed of similarly crunchy, evocative beats.

01/28/05 - The next guests on The Nod will be well-known space-music duo The Ministry Of Inside Things. Chuck van Zyl (synths and electronics) and Art Cohen (guitar), both hailing from Upper Darby, come with a wealth of knowledge and experience in the ways of classic rock and space music. They started making music together in 1996, and have a double-album out on the Synkronos Music label compiling definitive live versions of many of their pieces.

Chuck and Art have their roots in 60's and 70's music like Tangerine Dream, Ash Ra Tempel, and the Greatful Dead, and Chuck has over 24 years' experience as the host of Star's End ambient radio on 88.5 WXPN Philadelphia. Their on-air performance will be part of their Winter tour, which also includes stops at Star's End, Dr. Cosmo's show on WPRB, Gate To Moonbase Alpha at the Rotunda in West Philly, the Novins Planetarium in Toms River, NJ, and other dates.

Listen to MoIT live on WKDU on Wednesday night 9 February, starting at 10:00 PM. For more info on their tour and their music, check out their info page at the Synkronos website.

01/25/05 - Tune into The Nod tomorrow night for an eclectic set from West Chester musician Dave Juncos, also known as Dimazza. He first played on WKDU on the fall Electronic Music Marathon, and he'll be bringing some material from that set as well as some never-before-aired material. Dimazza has been making music since about 1998, and he's currently recording his first four-track EP this month. He'll be bringing his unique folk/electronic singer-songwriter vibe from 10:00 - 11:00 pm, and I'll be bookending his set with a mellow blend of wintertime electronics.

Find out more about Dimazza and hear some music at

01/21/05 - Intense negotiations are currently underway with DJ Kel, Sr. to come back to WKDU and lay down another hour of Sixties Soul music (better known to some as Northern Soul). Despite the fact that he can't stand house music, the quality of his musical tastes is not to be denied. His DJ debut came at the end of the summer term back in September - look for the mothership to land again sometime in March!

01/15/05 - Busy weeks ahead! Future guests on the show will include Beluv, Refractor, and Joey Breakdown from the Tronik Kru, who plans to play a selection of old drum'n'bass classic with reminiscences aplenty. Dimazza and the Ministry of Inside Things will also be furnishing live in-studio sets this winter - more on that to come soon. This week's show will include an hour-long new member sit-in with DJ-in-training Griffen O'Brien. He'll be coming to you live and direct from Meyers Hall, bringing some trancey, banging flavors to the table, so tune in and hear what the young 'uns are up to these days!

01/03/05 - Keep warm next to your radio this winter! My new Winter show slot is Wednesday nights from 9PM to midnight, from now till the end of March or so. Tune in this week for the usual blend of flavors, plus some great new music I just picked up from Kwook, Ian Boddy + Markus Reuter, M83, and Yagya.

12/13/04 - I'm extremely excited to have the chance to play a guest hour on Star's End Ambient Radio on WXPN this coming weekend. In the midst of crashing after my Fall finals, I'll be playing a mellow but diverse hour with tracks from Arovane, Porn Sword Tobacco, Auburn Lull, Future Sound of London, L'Usine and others. Listen for me early Sunday morning 19 December, playing from 2:00 - 3:00 AM. I've been listening to this show since high school, so this is really like a dream come true. Tune in next weekend and feel free to relax and drift off to the music. If you haven't heard of it, definitely give their web site a look for playlists, CD reviews and info on upcoming ambient events: