"These are very special treasures that only few have gazed upon without turning to dust by their magnificence!"

I see that you are interested in what I have to offer...

This is an award that I made. I know, everyone seems to have some award to give out. Either for the purpose of recognizing someone's hard work or to get a link to their page. Well, I am maybe doing this for both, although I doubt that many people visit this page. So anyway, if you would like my award, just e-mail me and I will tell you whether you won or not and why. It has been quite a while since I have given out any awards. That will change now. If anyone applied for this award and did not hear back from me, I ask that you please e-mail me again, and I'll atleast respond:)

One of my award winners suggested that I put up my criteria for winning this award. I hope that these rules are not too strict. I have seen worse... Well, here they are:

1. Please sign my guestbook and you don't have to butter me up by telling me that my page is so awesome. This is because if my pages were that great, I would have alot more people signing my guestbook. I would actually like to know what you don't like about my page and what you do like. Please do not exagerate. You will not be disqualified if you don't sign my guestbook. I'll just wallow in my own sorrow :.(

2. I must like your site.

3. Your page must be organized and preferably easy to navigate(although this is not required).

4. Your page must not contain pornography, racism, or hate. These are automatic disqualifiers.

5. You're site does not have to be fantasy related.

6. Everything cannot be linked to other servers besides your own.

7. Do not steal my award.

8. Links and pictures must work(I'm not too strict about this)

9. It does not matter how long it takes to load.


The above rules apply to these unique and special awards. I will give this award to sites that I am really very impressed with. It is harder to win than the Ultimate Award. I hardly ever give this one out, as you can see from the list of winners below. If you would like the Awesome award, and I think that your site is totally awesome, then let me know whether you would like the big or small award (do keep in mind that the big award is personalized!). I wish you all good luck and safe journeys....:)

Here is a list of my award winners!

Full Moon Girl's Home PageThis is an awesome page by my friend Kim, that includes info on the moon, original poetry, fantasy book reviews, and a whole lot more. Please visit her ultimate site and tell her that DragonStarr sent ya!

Elena Dragon's LairThis is a site by yet another new friend of mine, Lisa, who has a really awesome dragon section. It also has lots of faerie and unicorn pics and links, too! You will not be disappointed if you visit this ultimate site! I even got some pictures from it!

Brada's CastleThis is a site that from a woman all the way in Frankfort, Germany. I had fun exploring this site. I do recommend a visit to the armoury (my favorite part!). This is also a bilingual site! (English and German).

Eternal FantasyNow, this is a page with alot of cute stuff. I say that's it's enjoyable from the manly page to the tigger page. It even has a few fantasy pictures! It really makes you feel connected with the people who made it. A good mixture all in all.

SilverDragon's PageA supurb place of enchantment. It has lots of cuddly friends to hang around with. A giant cat has even torn a whole from it's own place to see you! A page truly worth visiting.

Dreamwood ForestA truly complex world filled with tales from a superb storyteller. An enchanted place that will impress even the most travelled. Noy to mention the first winner of the highly coveted Awesome Award!

The World of WhitebloodI must apologise to the owner of this site because I had forgotten that I had given them my award. I assure all that something like that will never happen again. If I give you my award, this page will be updated the very same day. Please visit Whiteblood and be mystified:)

Heronwing's Fantasy WorldHey, can you believe it? another winner! and of the coveted Awesome award too! Lots of kewl stories and poems..check it out!!:)