Hi!, My name is Ray Vinciguerro. I am a commuter to this school from Morrisville, PA. Located at this site are just a few of my favorite things. Some out there wish to know why I created this ever growing page. I can just say that these are things that allow me to escape from the harsh realities of the world. This particular page is the gateway to all wonderful things (well...wonderful to me at least). I am truly honored that you are visiting and would like feedback as to what I can do to make this page even better! I enjoy every comment that I recieve on this page, whether it is nice or really really mean. So, go visit my guestbook and don't hold anything back! I hope to make more pages for your viewing pleasure, but I am just about out of free space. Any suggestions? Oh, in case you wanted to know, that was Elvira that said welcome to you! Feel free to explore.......

"So, traveller, here we are....where would you like to travel next......."

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This is a list of my favorite activies

his is a picture of one of my favorite fantasy adventure characters. His name is Drizzt Do'Urden and his companion is Guenhwyvar, a creature from the Astral Plain. These intriguing characters were created by, one of my personal favorites, R.A. Salvatore. His works on the drow named Drizzt are phenomenal. They are absolutely unforgetable and have real life lessons under the thrilling glamour of magic and swordplay. Here is a quote from "Homeland" by Salvatore that I thought went well with this picture.......

What eyes are these that see
The pain I know in my innermost soul?
What eyes are these that see
The twisted strides of my kindred,
Led on in the wake of toys unbridled:
Arrow, bolt, and sword tip?

Yours . . . aye, yours,
Straight run and muscled spring,
Soft on padded paws, sheathed claws,
Weapons rested for their need,
Stained not by frivolous blood
Or murderous deceit.

Face to face, my mirror;
Reflection in a still pool by light.
Would that I might keep that image
Upon this face mine own.
Would that I might keep that heart
Within my breast untainted.

Hold tight to the proud honor of your spirit,
Mighty Guenhwyvar,
And hold tight to my side,
My dearest friend.

-Drizzt Do'Urden

Click here to go to a very awesome Ultima archive!

his is the Ankh. It is the symbol of the avatar in the many Ultima games by Origin.

Click here to go to one of the best Tolkien sites that I have ever seen!

his is Gandalf The Grey as he goes on a journey to see Mr. Bilbo Baggins in the Shire.

These are a few of my favorite places to visit: Fly on the dragon's back until you reach my next page:DragonStarr's Keep

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"Hey, here I am down here! Now....where would you like to travel next......."

In the future, if anyone has ANY problem with my page including graphics, copyright, content, etc....PLEASE let me know right away. I do not know if the stuff on my page is anybody's property so if it is yours, LET ME KNOW and I will give you the credit if you can prove that it is yours or just take it off my page. I had a problem in the past with this that I would like to avoid in the future. Furthermore, if I accidently linked a graphic from your page (highly unlikely), I will put in on my server. Don't change the picture on your server to some advertisement that I don't need on this page. Thank you!