Rarely do I get snared by a mere mortal! Well, I will give you a bit of fairy lore then as your prize:

As the moon sets high on the mountainside, and nightbirds call sweet melodies that drift on warm breezes; peace reigns. As spring breathes sweet bliss upon the land: flowers abloom, emerald grass dances, trees stretch long thick fingers towards heaven; joy lives within. Lovers kiss, enchanted bliss; blackness damned from existance...

The faerie people: Faerie people can be divided into two different groups; communal faeries and solitary faeries. Communal faeries either have a loosely organized social structure or have a hierarchy with a king and/or queen. An example is the Tuatha De Dannan, a group of faeries that conquered the Firbolgs, the original inhabitants of Ireland. When the Tuatha De Dannan were later conquered by the Milesians, they went to live in palaces underground where they would hold court and enjoy feasts and revelry. Solitary faeries are creatures like the brownies. A brownie is a small faerie who wears ragged clothes of brown color and is associated with a household. He will perform many tasks if well treated but will do some damage if mistreated. If he leaves a house, the good luck associated with him goes as well.

now it is time to return...are you ready?