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12-18-00 Due to the fact that my school server does not give me enough room to store sound files, I tried to put them on FortuneCity and just link them. Unfortunately, FortuneCity will not allow that, so I will have to move the sounds page over to their server. This page will still be here, but I may as well just mirror it on FortuneCity.

Ah, welcome to my new addition. Feel free to wander around...you will find sounds, thanks to Melf, and a few pictures from the movies "Legend" and "Labyrinth" um btw, that pic of Oona down by misc. sounds was given to me by Oohna If you would like to visit her, please go there As some of you know, my sounds have recently gone down. Well, actually some of them are totally gone until i can make some more. Docdroz sent me a few so not all of the links are broken, so the darkness wavs should be restored. I will try to make more sounds this weekend. Also, I have been told that a LEGEND CONVENTION is being organized in the PA/NY area! Anyone else excited?! Well, for more information on this, please go here for information and continual updates! Demon's Legend PageA Here, I will be introducing wav files(when I ever get a chance),fantasy pictures, and other such things that I am particularly fond of...

This is one of a very few pictures available from the movie "Legend" from the net. Princess Lili is about to touch the most sacred of animals;the unicorn, protector of Light.

I happened upon a vast well of information on the movie "Legend". It is just about the only major site that has information on this wonderfully enchanting movie. It is entitled the "Legend FAQ".I have tried very hard to find more information but I can only come up with poor reviews. Both versions of the Legend soundtrack (Jerry Goldsmith and Tangerine Dream) can be purchased through Footlight Records at reasonable prices. In more recent news, I just created a Legend picture page that consists of screen shots that I took with my digital camara and edited! Please visit my Legend Picture Page For those out there who have never heard or seen the movie(let's face it, if everyone saw it, then there would be alot more pages devoted to it). Here is a review....

Lili, a princess, loves forest boy Jack. He takes her to see the last pair of unicorns, and she touches the stallion, apparently corrupting him with her mortality, despite her virginity; in fact, a party of goblins sent by the Lord of Darkness (ie. Satan)-who wishes unicorns exterminated so everlasting night may fall-have shot the creature with a poison dart. As the goblins hack the horn from it's forehead, Winter falls upon the world. Jack befriends the woodland spirit Gump with his companions Screwball and Brown Tom. The fairy Oona-usually just a blob of light, but capable of shapeshifting-leads them to an ancient suit of armor and a Golden sword, for the female unicorn decreed that a champion must be chosen to retrieve the horn from the clutches of evil, and Jack will be that Champion. Lili and the last unicorn are snared by the Goblins and taken to the Great Tree, the heart of the world's evil. Our heroes follow and are tipped into a small scale Hell. Meanwhile, Lili runs around and dances with a black dress until she is wearing it. She is wined and dined by Darkness. Lili (in her "I want to be bad" makeover) agrees to marry Darkness if she gets to kill the unicorn, but betrays him at the last moment and sets the unicorn free. Eventually Jack and Co. use sunlight and Heath Robinson gadgetry to destroy Darkness.

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....and now....the SOUNDS!!!!!







Here Sarah speak these memorable lines thanks to Melf's Labyrinth Sound Bytes!!!
"....Through dangers untold and hardships unnumbered, I have fought my way here to the castle beyond the Goblin City, to take back the child you have stolen. For my will is as strong as yours . . . and my kingdom as great. You have no power over me . . ."

Labyrinth to this day still has the power to enchant me everytime that I see it...Hmm,I think it clever how the film tries to convey the reality of fantasy, and thus the reality of life, through the events experienced by Sarah. Such as in this example between Sarah and the fairies.

Hear Worm say Allo!!!

"Things aren't always what they seem, you know, not here."

Sir Didimus, My Hero!!!! He's a rambunctious, chivalrous, character who never seems overwhelmed by the awesome odds set before him. One of my very favorites!!!!!

It has been a long time now, but my Willow and Goonies pages are almost completed! Look for them soon!

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