You awaken from dreams of such nature far exceeding your fanciful imagination. Stretching the stiffness out of your bones, you slowly open your eyes to discover that you are still dreaming....or so you think. You get up and start walking around in what seems to be a forest. A sweet melody reaches your ears and soothes you for some unexplainable reason. Rubbing your eyes, nor pinching yourself does make the sweet vision disperse. "In a Forest Glade you be!". Swiftly turning around, a glimpse of a shimmering light just excapes your vision. Turning back to your chosen path, you see a most remarkable creature. mystical "You look like a poor lost soul", the creature says in a sweet melodic voice. "I can help you find your way, if you follow me". The merry creature laughs and flies at a swift pace, darting past numerous trees. You scramble through thick scrubs, and tangled forest until you arrive at a strange looking door emanating an eerie blue glow. As soon as you arrive, the fae quickly darts away and you hear a soft whisper on the wind. "Enter".