Brian Wood Bailey, Jr.

That's Me!

Stuff About Me: (if for some reason you want to know)

I was born on August 22nd, 1977, and for those of you who aren't mathematicians, that makes me 21. Until College I lived my whole life in Guilford, CT (which is located right in the middle of the CT shoreline. I graduated from Guilford High School, and I now live in Philadelphia, PA. 'So why there?' I bet you're yelling at your monitor now. Well it just so happens that Drexel University is located in Philly, and since I'm a pre-junior there, I have to live there! In my off time at Drexel, I am attempting to earn a degree in Mechanical Engineering. So far this place has been pretty cool. I guess that's a good thing. After all... Drexel is a 5 year school (but of course it also has the best engineering program in the universe!).

I'm the oldest of three in my family. My brother, Eric, is a year and a half younger who goes to Quinnipiac College in CT for something. My 4 year younger sister, Kristen, is almost out high school. My dad is a kitchen designer and my mom is a chemistry teacher. To the right is a picture of my brother and sister at my high school gradution.

My Work Experience

Like I said before, I got to school at Drexel. Why is this so important? Well because of their one of a kind program that gives me 3 real 6 month jobs in my field. Best of all, we get paid to do it. Everything at school is built around this, so it's more than just a couple internships. Of course, we are stuck here year round for 5 years with a total of 12 in class terms (plus 6 co-op terms), so there's no slacking off*. To learn more about this, click on this picture:

*Well there shouldn't be any slacking off

OK, now for my actual job. For my first co-op I worked as a mechincal engineer in the Defense Industrial Supply Center (DISC) of the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) of the US Department of Defense (DoD), in Philadelphia (Oh boy, I worked for the government). Yeah yeah, so what does that mean? Basically, what I did was revise Military Specifications and Standards and other specs (National Aerospace Standards, SAE, ASTM). So everything I did was for the most part on Microsoft Word and AutoCAD. Want to know what I learned from this experience? Well number one, people who work for the government are lazy bums, although I already knew that. Second, their pay sucks and they cheat you! They were paying me less than the average for my major and year, so they made the deal look more attractive by tacking on a refund of 2 college courses. That would be a nice check paid to me of over $3,000, not bad. Well it turns out that a couple weeks before I left they figure out that they can't pay me because of some stupid paperwork problems concerning timings of a contract, even though they had the money set aside and ready for us! I WILL NEVER WORK FOR THE GOVERNMENT AGAIN!

For my second job I will be working For Ewing Cole Cherry Brott. I just found out about this the day before I wrote this so there's not much to say. I'm sure it will be a lot better than my first experience, not to mention it pays more than one and a half times as much! What I do know is it's an architectural and engineering firm located in the Federal Reserve National Bank of Philadelphia, and it's pretty nice. I'll be doing mostly CAD work.

Favorite Things:

My favorite color: blue.
My favorite food: is yummy.
My favorite animal: wolverine.
My favorite super hero: TIN FOIL MAN!
My favorite book: Four Birthdays (actually, I'm in the middle of writing it).
My favorite computer platform: Macintosh
My favorite movie trilogy: Star Wars
My favorite music group: Steely Dan
My favorite type of music: Classic Rock
My favorite football team: New York Giants
My favorite quote: "I don't look young for my age, I'm mature for my looks." - Me

So what do I like to do?
Well I used to do track and cross-country, but I guess that doesn't count anymore
I like to play raquetball.
I like to make computer graphics.
I liked archery, but there are no open fields in Philly.
I like to listen to music.
I like to engineer mechanical things.
I like to barge.
And in my spare time, I sometimes do homework.

To find out more about me you can E-MAIL me at with your questions.

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