Part VII
Another Dream

Chapter 18:   Electricity

      I bet you thought that Ph would never have to walk home from school again after that bus incident. Obviously you're wrong because he did have to walk home because his bus driver is a fool. Here is a story explaining why Ph couldn't get home. It also tells about a few other things too.
      Once upon a time, there was a little boy who found a twenty dollar bill. Guess what!, this little boy was Ph! He was walking home from school when he found it. He had to walk home from school because his bus driver forgot where she put her keys and so she couldn't start the bus. But once before she forgot her keys and couldn't start the bus and so she got new keys. Now she can't get new keys because the key maker, who's name happens to be Bob, didn't pay his electric bill so he doesn't get electricity anymore so he can't make more keys. Luckily, the maker of the keys was the bus driver's sister's cousin's mother's brother's son, so she new that Bob didn't have electricity. This was good because if she didn't know Bob didn't have electricity, she would've gone all the way to Bob's place to ask him to make her a new key and then find out that he couldn't make her one because he didn't pay his electric bill and therefore had no electricity. If this had happened, then she would've been mad because she would've gone all that way to his house and not gotten what she wanted.
      While this was happening, there was a little girl who broke her pencil. She was so happy that she started to cry. When her mother saw her cry, she was so upset that she killed herself. The girl was so happy, that she didn't care about her mother. The mother didn't care that her daughter didn't care about her because she was as dead as a wall. Then a little boy found a ten dollar bill and he took it. The little boy got in a bushel of trouble because he found the money in a man's wallet that was in the man's pants while he was still wearing them. The strange thing about this was that the bill had a crease in the middle of it. This caused the man to have a heart attack when he saw it. When he had his heart attack, he fell down to the ground and landed on a piece of carbon paper. It was very disgusting to see the man do this. It might not have been as bad if the chain saw that was under the piece of paper wasn't running. At least the ten dollar bill wasn't ruined because if it was, then the man wouldn't be able to use it. Most people in the country would've thought that the man would use the money to help pay for his electric bill so he wouldn't lose his electrical current like poor Bob, but the man didn't spend the money at all. Some scientists think he didn't spend the money because the man was dead, but it is still not proven yet.
      Now, to put some order into all that was said, the death of the man who owned the ten dollar bill was very important. He was the one who wrote up the bills for everyone's electric bill. Now since he was dead, and he would never let anyone see how he made the bills, no one in the electric company knew how to bill people. Because of this, the keymaker, Bob, didn't have to pay anymore electric bills, so he was able to make the bus driver's key! Don't get too excited yet though. One important fact that I left out earlier, is that the woman who killed herself because her daughter was crying so much, was Ph's bus driver! So then there was a key for the bus, but no driver, and Ph still wouldn't be able to get home from school. Well, it also just so happens that this all happened on the last day of school for the school year.

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