Part IV
Ph Goes Shopping

Chapter 8:   Ph Steps into Trouble

      One day, Ph had nothing to do, so he decided to buy something. But, in order to do this, he would have to go shopping, so that is what he did. After the football game in Muddyville, his shoes got a little muddy. Ph didn't know how it could have happened, but it did. This gave him the idea to go to a shoe store, and this is what happened:
      In one shoe store there was a shoe. The shoe was supposed to be worn on your foot, not mine. This shoe was strange, because it was made out of paper. This shoe had a friend that was made out of paper too. They got together and became a pair of shoes. They sat in a box for a long time, until Ph came along and tried them on. Ph couldn't afford a good shoe because a long time ago he made a promise to a three headed green cat that he would never spend more than 67 cents at one time.
      He fell in love with the shoes. They felt so good, that he just couldn't explain just how good they felt. They almost felt like as if you made a pair of shoes out of paper and put them on. There was only one problem now. The shoes cost 69 cents, and he couldn't spend that much. Then he thought of an idea. Instead of spending 69 cents, he would just exchange the 69 cents for the shoes. When he made the promise to the cat, he said he would never spend more than 67 cents, but this didn't mean he couldn't give or trade the money away. He was so exuberant now that he could buy the shoes, that he started to do cartwheels in the front left corner of the store. Then it happened, (no not that!). The paper shoes ripped into 3,232 pieces when he landed from his sixth cartwheel. The store manager saw this happen and told Ph that he had to pay for the shoes. Ph knew that it was his fault, so he agreed to pay for them. Unfortunately, he forgot to cross his fingers, so he had to do what he said. He took his wallet out of his ear, but then he remembered that he didn't have a job. Since he didn't have a job, he didn't get a paycheck, and since he didn't get a pay check, he didn't have a source of income, hence, he was as broke as his paper shoes. He looked through his wallet and couldn't find one single cent, only a nickel. Then Ph began to weep. A little tear dropped from his left nose and fell onto the ripped pieces of paper. When the tear touched the paper, the paper instantly returned to its shoe form. Now the shoes were as good as new, so he didn't have to pay for them. He was as happy as a lady bug, so he had to hug the shoes. When he did this, the shoes scrunched up into a little lump of lumped paper. The store manager didn't see this happen, so luckily he didn't have to pay for them.

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