Welcome to the most insane collection of stories on the net!

When I was a little freshman in high school

I wrote a story for school and everyone liked

it so I made another similar one. Before I

knew it I had almost a bookfull of these weird

stories. After a couple years I concatenated

the short stories into one somewhat organized

book. Now I have put them on the web

so that everyone can enjoy my creation.

The Adventures of Ph Online!

Part IA Day in the Life of Ph
Coming Home from School
Part IIA Night in the Life of Ph
The Football Game
Part IIIMeet Ph's Family
The Impact of Ph's Father on Ph
Phetti and Her Snail
Ph's Brother and More Slime
A Rock
Part IVPh Goes Shopping
Ph Steps into Trouble
Sudden Trip to the Doctor
No Tape
Everyday Thoughts
Part VPh Watches TV
The Other Kind of Fans
The Greatest Invention
Part VIThe Sixth Part
Cafeteria Catastrophe
European Animals
Part VIIAnother Dream
Part VIIIPh Learns the Meaning of Life
Lessons Learned

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