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You are victim number since whenever I started counting.

In here you can find out all kinds of stuff about me and some of the things I've done.

I don't update this too often, but you'll get the general idea.

Good luck in life!

Featured Pages
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Information about me, where I live, my school, and
everything else. Includes pictures of me and other stuff
that I'll randomly add when I feel like it.
My portfolio of computer graphics. See realistic looking objects
modeled with Infini-D, dozens of incredible Bryce 2 landscapes,
along with amazingly edited pictures by Adobe Photoshop.
You won't believe your eyes!
The Adventures of Ph! A complete book written by me over a
couple years in high school. Guaranteed to make you laugh
or your money back.
TIN FOIL MAN, defender of the universe. A super hero with my
face. Find out how I became him and see some hilarious pictures.
A collection of pictures of me, my room and other stuff.
I've listed most of my music CDs along with ratings. You can also
order them or any other CD here from cdnow.com.

Other Pages of Mine:

Piezo-electricity - I wrote an instrumentation lab for the Drexel Engineering Department as part of my Freshman Design Project. Take a look at it.

Webcam - Live video of my room. Well I used to have it when I was living in a dorm, but see how I did it.

Other Sites - A list of links to other sites that are interesting, useful, or of friends of mine.

If there is anything you'd like to ask or tell me, just e-mail me!
You can contact me at either:

TinFoilMan@drexel.edu or SteelyDa@aol.com

My Resume - I have worked for the Department of Defense, and soon for Ewing Cole Cherry Brott,
but I'll need one more 6 month internships as a Mechanical Engineer as required by my school, Drexel University.


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